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snowbirds1Just got my latest issue of Backyard Living mag, only to see its their last issue. Another casualty in the publishing world – I feel their pain. Today was the last day for a coworker I really like and have worked closely with who was given a bit before her layoff began. Very weird and very sad to see her go, especially since she’s been with the company longer than most.

My subscription will be replaced with Birds & Blooms, which is fine with me. I’m becoming more interested in birds (and blooms?) so it’ll be fine. But I will miss the magazine. I may now check out Garden Gate mag, which I got a sample issue of a while back and liked.

Anyway, I’m still sore today. I had to shovel our whole loooong driveway. And enough of the parking lot to get the cars out. Had to dig out some more this AM and when I got home today to get things out and be able to turn around. But man I don’t want to shovel snow for a long time.

Of course, though it got as low as 17 degrees today, its supposed to be 65 degrees on Saturday. That’s good, because my mom got an email that our Springhill Nursery orders had been sent! Hopefully there’s not a foot of snow and ice in the gardens when it all comes in!

Today’s note to self: Check out namethatbird to name the birds I can’t identify with my book (or the ever-awesome gardenweb forums linked in my blogroll). I think I’ve decided the stripier one from the previous post is a female house finch, but I’m still not sure about the black and white one. Also think I can add red-winged blackbirds to the list of bird visitors. I have some pics I’ll save to post for a nonsnowy day.


img_5301Wow – not a fun day at work. Like so many others in the publishing industry, there were layoffs at my job today. Thankfully, I am safe, but I feel horrible for those who were let go—some who’d been with the company for a very, very long time. I guess there’s a reason for everything, and these people will do fine (might even be a positive change for some) but still—just wow. There will be some restructuring so my job will probably change a little in the coming months. It’ll be interesting to see how that pans out. In the meantime, I think it’s time I updated my resumé and opened a LinkedIn account. I like my job, but I’ve long been worried about its long-term stability and even things like retirement. And since we’re going to be starting a family soon, I might have to make a change I really don’t want to.

Now is a time when I could really use some pretty flowers to fiddle around with. I’ll have to settle for working off some frustrations at the gym.


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