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I scanned through some more recent photos, but I couldn’t find an that exemplified the “green world” theme for this month’s GGW contest better than this photo of a seedling that I featured on St. Patrick’s Day.

bean seedling

I really like the way this bean seedling turned out, with the slight blur of the front of the peat pot showing. One of my commenters when it was first posted noted that it looked “Hurculean” lifting up all that dirt, and I have to agree. Seems to be a photo of the green of the world prevailing over all the brown.

This bean seedling is now planted outside with all the others. The cucumbers and squash I finally put outside on the deck yesterday to begin my rather harsh hardening off process (meaning there is no process – I generally just put them out, water them well, and hope they make it!). Today those are looking a bit worse for the wear, probably because they’re in peat pots and just not staying warm enough. I think I’ll either bring them back in or go ahead and plant them when it warms up a little more today (it’s only 60° and overcast – too cold for me!).

Yesterday I cultivated all my raised beds into rows. I kind of love it – it looks so much neater. In the past I’ve not done rows, because I had to cram stuff where it would fit in my one bed. But rows are better for keeping track of seedlings sown, plus it just looks nice. I’ll have some pics of that one my just-sown carrot, spinach, and mesclun mix seedlings start to emerge. Among the things already planted, the peas are doing great and just about to start climbing their trellises, and the beans look respectable.

The broccoli and brussels sprouts are still small (pictured below – those were winter down starting in late Jan/early February – the milk jug/orange juice cloches are off now), but look very happy. The soaker hose on a timer waters them all at 6AM and 6PM – seems to be working great.

L-R: peas, brussels sprouts, broccoli, beans

Herb AlmanacAPRIL 18: Make a borage salad to encourage good spirits and courage. Use the new borage seedlings, violet flowers, dandelion leaves, and new lettuce.

[I’m only growing lovage, not borage, but that actually sounds pretty good!]


(Finally did it! Broccoli and Brussels Sprouts.)

winter dowing

(And don’t worry…I did take the lids off after I asked and @getinthegarden replied!)


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