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Hawaii!!! omg.

Hawaii!!! omg.

I got most everything I needed to done on the checklist. Plenty of gardening to do when I get back though still. My mom got a tone of stuff at the Sotterley sale, and I ended up with 2 white coneflowers and some mini irises. I am DEFINITELY going to do the plant exchange next year! They had SO much stuff. I talked to a volunteer, and basically as long as you bring something, you can take whatever you want! They really had a ton of stuff and a lot of people in line. I wonder what they do with leftovers – maybe split them up between volunteers? Who knows.

I said I was going to bring some stuff next year and he told me I should just go ahead and jump in line this year! Aw how nice. I totally would have, but knowing that I’m going on vacation, I didn’t want a ton of stuff I had to plant today. I saw a ton of stuff I could have taken, though – daylilies, periwinkle, tons of herbs and stuff – fun! Now I’m really looking forward to it for next year. I was actually going to maybe bring a couple sages and a baby aster and do the exchange, but I ended up giving them to my mom before we went 🙂 – which is fine anyway, since she’s driving me and hubby to the airport on Mother’s Day!

So anyway – now I’m off to Hawaii! That pic is actually a pic that my friend who I’ll be staying with sent me to “tease” me! I’ll have my computer (we’re taking it on the plane to watch movies etc) so you might see a tweet or two! And I’ll have surely have fun stuff to share when I get back.



Got a lot done! Here’s what, with pics below in a gallery bc there are a bunch.

  1. Planted lettuce. Some in new box on the deck, some in the veggie garden (since there won’t be any veggies in there for a little bit yet).
  2. Went to wedding. Dreamt about plants I will be getting from Sotterley at the plant sale in a month.
  3. Planted freesia in a pot – stuck pot in empty veggie garden for now.
  4. Planted gaillardia and helenium in front garden.
  5. Pulled up a ton of onions. I find it funny that people cultivate leeks in their gardens. Here they’re a bitch in your yard. I certainly could pull some of the ones that plague my yard and garden and plant them for food, but also neither my husband or I like onions at all. So they just annoy me.
  6. Saw that my evergreen vinca ground cover (used on a hill behind the side garden) is not only starting to really grow, but is blooming! Yay!
  7. My pink carnations have the beginnings of buds on them!
  8. Took some shoots of daylilies that were away from their respective clumps, clumped them together, and planted them in a spot that was lacking a daylily because I ran out of divisions last year when re-doing things.
  9. Decided that I am an idiot, and I definitely did plant the 3 bulbs on the other side of the house. It was not a squirrel. I put the mystery daffs there!
  10. Planted peony that I had potted up last year because it seemed to not like where it was.
  11. Planted Cancer Society Daffodil Days daffs (they’re all done blooming).
  12. Made a spot for an herb garden! Moved lemon thyme there as a start. (Note, in the pic below, I later went out and fixed the hose to coil up properly. It has been bugging me since last week when it was put there like that. I am crazy.)
  13. Set out the seedlings for a little sun.
  14. Put some stuff in the compost bin.

Tadaa! Successful day. Pics of the above are below.


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