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So I know I already did a Wordless Wednesday post, but I can’t resist. I’m writing this post on Wednesday, February 10. Today added about 3 inches of snow on top of an inch or so of sleet from last night—all of that added to the 18 or so (some melted I’m sure) inches already there from the weekend, and the 2 or 3 that were there from the weekend before that. Wind gusts got up to 56 mph. It is the third day we’ve had off for snow this year. We were closed one day in January, got out early this past Friday, and were off Monday (still digging out from the massive weekend snow) and today. Tomorrow is iffy though the message this AM said they intend to be open. [UPDATE – Nope, we’re closed. They can’t get plowed. Probably a good call – it’ll be icy and nasssty. Our poor CFO/COO sounds so exasperated on the office message!]

THIS IS CRAZY. This has been the snowiest winter in the DC Metro area EVER. Take a look at this time lapse video for a taste. We’ll see if I have work tomorrow – my building is flat (buildings around here are dropping like flies – seriously – Catholic school, post office, sheriff’s office, elderly center, and houses, just to name some) and the parking lot was horrendous yesterday BEFORE we got a ton of freezing rain and ice. When I got to work yesterday, firetrucks were there inspecting the roof for safety (somehow did not actually make me feel safer). And oh – more snow expected next week! I looked at the local newspaper’s website this AM and it looked like the apocalypse – building collapses, car crashes, house fires, scary-looking weather maps. ACK.

Today, as my hubby got up from a nap to go to work in the blizzard (he’s a cop, so he has to work), I was in my reading chair, wearing a (Terps!) snuggie, with a cat on my lap, holding a mug of tea, reading a gardening book. That’s some sort of cliché I’m not sure I should have just admitted to being on the internet. I’m glad he didn’t know where the camera was or was too tired to care.

So anyway – the seed starting area is still in the works (needs lights – once we can you know, actually get out to get to a store again), I can’t even get to the shed without digging a trench, and I guess my plants are under there somewhere. I’d love to take some lovely photos of icicles hanging off of plants, except I CAN’T FIND THEM. Where are they? Under this….

Friday, February 5: windy, snowy, grey, gross.

I staked off the triangle garden to minimize rocks tossed in during shoveling.

Sunday, February 7: Snow stopped finally! Time to dig out. That sleet layer was NOT fun.

Thankful for my rain boots and liners. Seriously.


the icicles of death - they reach down to eye level. scary.

There goes my nicely shoveled driveway.

At least there are birds around... keep Miss Alice happy.

And Hank, as usual, is just begging to play.

Wish all us metro area folks luck. It’s insanity. I can’t say I don’t enjoy the snow days, but geez.


Oh! Shocking! More snow!!

One of the benefits of living in Southern Maryland (or Maryland in general) is usually that we get snow every year, but it’s not a big huge deal. We’ll get a few dustings, some flurries, and maybe one or two “big” snows with 8-10 inches. The area freaks out, schools are closed, we all go play in the snow, then a couple days later it’s 40+ degrees and it’s all over. (Ice is usually a bigger problem here because of temp fluctuations and winter rain.)

In March 2009, we got over a foot of snow. In December 2009, we got about the same amount. It was nice to have a white Christmas, even though it rained on Christmas day.

On January 30, we were expected to get maybe an inch of two of snow. That turned out to be more like 10 inches or so. Today on February 5, we’re expected to get anywhere from 20-30 inches. TWENTY TO THIRTY INCHES. The estimate allows 10 inches, which would be bad by itself. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?

We normally get (totally guessing here – wasn’t able to google up a good source) maybe a foot of snow a winter max, spread out over a few smaller snows. This winter – not even counting the March 2009 snow – we’re probably already over 2 feet. And usually the snowy season doesn’t even start until February or later. I’m scared! The one in December and this one have also both officially been considered blizzards. My favorite weatherman, Topper Shutt, gave this one a 10 on the bread-o-meter, which tops some storm from the 50s or something. Two top 10 snowstorms for the region in 2010 alread.

Thankfully, my office closed at 12:30 today to allow us to all get home safely. Roads were fine then, but it was snowing hard. Unfortunately, my hubby has to work tonight and tomorrow night. We’re supposed to get the vast majority of snow tonight, and things are already crazy. There was an armed bank robbery earlier today, for example. And I’m sure hubby will have to pull some people out of ditches and break up some arguments by people who have “cabin fever” because they’ve been inside their homes for 3 hours. Grr! He did take off Sunday for the Super Bowl (because he worked both xmas and new year’s), so hopefully we’ll be able to get together with my parents and watch the game on their big, fancy TV.

So I’m feeding the birdies in the mean time. They’re all going crazy over the bowls of food I put on the deck, and there are 1 or 2 smart birds who are hitting up the usual feeder on the side of the house. I also brought in a baggie of food so I can refill the deck stuff tomorrow (after I dig it out) without having to dig out the garden shed doors.

I’ll also be, very shortly, sitting in the “cat room” (spare room), reading a book and staring at the greenhouse shelf and all my seeds. Hubby is still working on getting the appropriate light fixtures before it all gets hooked up and put out in the shed. I’ll start seeds in about a month. Please not another foot of snow THIS March!

#snomg, indeed.


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