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So when I bought these when I moved in, I thought it was a “plant” and not a “bush.” Live, learn, etc.

I prune them pretty heavily throughout the year, and though they do bloom most of the year (pink blooms), I’m just not that crazy about them. And they’re getting huge despite trimming. And they are covering up the shrubs I DO like – the wiegela that was in front of the house (planted waaaay too close to the house) when we moved in, that I thought I DIDN’T like so I gave a bunch of it away. Again, live learn etc. Oh well.

So anyway, I need to move these suckers. I am thinking I’m going to dig them up and plant them to the left perpendicular of the old veggie garden, bordering the last bit of driveway with garden and hopefully stopping some weed encroachment in that area. I feel like they’re going to be a biotch to dig up, though. And they’ll need big holes for replanting. There are 3 of them.

What will I plant where they were? I have decided there are TOO MANY DAYLILIES in the triangle garden, and the coreopsis there are planted too close to the house. And I might want to add one euonymous there to carry around the theme from the front of the house. So I can plant some of the daylilies I will be moving where the spireas were. They’ll be very happy there, since there are other daylilies in that garden as well.



blurry pansies

The April Bloom Day is all rainy—how fitting! I ran out and snapped a few pics on my way to the mailbox after work.

Most of my pansies in pots look pretty much like crap. These are very happy, though. The ones planted by my steps in the front of the house are also very happy. I think next fall I’ll plant some more in the ground. They really help brighten things up when nothing else is around through the winter and early spring. (Note that the deck rain gauge also lives in this pansy – looks like we’ve probably gotten almost an inch of rain!)

Side Garden on a Rainy Bloom Day

Side Garden on a Rainy Bloom Day

Here’s a quick snap of the side garden. The veggies will go at the very top where those 2 pots are, so not much going on there. Early bulbs in this garden are done or almost done, but the tulips and hyacinths are still blooming, and one bulb I forget will hopefully bloom soon (a new one in my Dutch Wonder set from Breck’s in the fall). One thing I’m concerned about is that bush that’s looking very brown (the last large bush on the left). All the bushes came with the house. They were planted waaaay too close to the foundation, so we dug them up and moved them to the side of the driveway, now known as the side garden. There were 2 azaleas so small I first thought they were weeds (on the extreme left, still small), 2 of some variety of wiegla (those are to the right of this pic, just starting to leaf out again), 2 of some sort of holly (perfectly fine), and then these other 2 bushes (one not in pics). They have kind of waxy leaves and white blooms that look a bit like gardenias. I pruned them back in the fall because they were both growing a little oddly and were getting weird holes in the back – I was hoping they’d fill in. Now I’m hoping I didn’t kill them. There are still green leaves at the bottom and the branches are still pliable and alive feeling, but I don’t really see any buds and I don’t remember this happening last year. There was some brown, but not the whole bush. Any ideas on bush ideas? What should I do to it? leave it? Shake off the brown leaves? Help appreciated! I can provide better pics when it’s not so darn ooky outside.

tulips in the rain

tulips in the rain

The tulips are the only thing making the garden look a bit lively right now. I love the mixed colors on this cheapo bag I got from Lowe’s. This is their second year.

Fordhook Climbing Nasturtium seedlings

Fordhook Climbing Nasturtium seedlings

The seedlings are still patiently awaiting being planted outside on Saturday. Hubby is supposed to go and pick up a truckload of mulch plus a few bags of compost and topsoil for the veg garden at some point this week. So while he’s working this weekend, I’ll be doing that. It’s supposed to be in the high 60s and low 70s all weekend – perfect!

UPDATE: Pretty sure that brown bush is a gardenia bush. Which means I probably should not have pruned it so late in the season, but instead right after it bloomed. Oops. So if it recovers, it may not bloom this year. Still doesn’t totally explain the brown, though. We had a pretty cold winter…I hope it recovers soon!


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