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I am SO UPSET. We’ve had several very cold nights and days lately, so I had most of my seedlings outside on the deck, stashed under clear plastic storage bins turned upside-down (very effective and easy cold frames, FYI!). Well right now it’s 83° F…and I didn’t even THINK about that until I got home today (a bit early, at least).

I lost a lot of seedlings. LIke 3 cake tins (my seed trays) worth. Some still seem OK, albeit a bit worse for the wear. Casualties include a lot of the “fun” things I was most excited about: all of the lovage, all but one Japanese Black Trifele tomato (which is questionable), all but one Black from Tula tomato (also meh – and OMG this super upsets me), almost all of my peppers – serrano and black pearl especially, lots of my rainbow cherry tomatoes, almost all of my speckled roman tomatoes. SO UPSET. The cucumbers and luffa were planted already, so they’re OK.

And I’m also pissed that it doesn’t seem like ANY of the carrot seeds I direct sowed a few weeks ago have sprouted (though the ones in the large container have). I’m not sure whether I should bother sowing more of these cool season crops, since here in Southern Maryland we seem to always go quickly from spring weather to 80-90 degree days. I’m not sure if it’s worth it. Thoughts?

So, yet again, the seedlings that look the best are the “sacrifice seedlings” that I put out much earlier than all the rest and didn’t bother hardening off or anything. Perhaps I should just do that from now on? 2 years in a row the sacrifices have been the best off (by far – maybe I’ll post a pic comparison when I get over the loss).

Anyway – no pics right now. It’s too sad. AND I WAS GOING TO PLANT THEM ALL TOMORROW ANYWAY!!!

SO UPSET. Soooo upset. Please console me.


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bean seedling


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