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I’m trying to keep track of what I grow this year, so that I can decide if I want to grow certain things again next year. These “veggie reviews” will be categorized as such on the blog. I’ve found them useful on other blogs, so hopefully someone finds these useful as well! One thing I’ve consistendly found useful in this regard is Hannah’s tomato tastings, so I’ll model somewhat after that.

lemon spacemaster

Lemon and Spacemaster cucumbers

Got seeds from: I can’t remember! Either @getinthegarden, @snarkyvegan, or @betweenthelimes. I forgot to mark it on my seed spreadsheet. Oops!
Planting info: I mislabeled a spacemaster as a lemon, so I only ended up with one plant (oops). I planted it in the old veggie garden, which is hard, rocky soil (amended with topsoil and compost). It doesn’t get a lot of water because I mostly rely on rain, but I have been hitting it with the sprinkler since we’re in a drought. It’s growing up an upside-down tomato trellis and is still pretty small (maybe 2-foot long vine).
Beauty points: Very pretty! The have little hairy spikes, but these rub off easily when washing it. They’re a very bright streaky yellow. I expected them to be pale.
Taste: Very mild and a bit citrusy. The skin is thin and, in my opinion, doesn’t need to be removed. Also good in vinegar, but of course you lose the intricacies of flavor. To really enjoy this one, it’s best served simply sliced.
Other considerations: Pick them when they’re about the size of a lemon (duh). If you let them get too big, they get more seedy.
Will I grow it again? It was a bit seedy, but that means I’ll have plenty of seeds to harvest…as long as I get another cucumber. I’ve only had one so far, and I was juuuust about to pick a second when either a bunny or squirrel ate it overnight. I think I will grow this one again, though. It’s good enough and unusual enough that I can enjoy it. The only way I wouldn’t grow it is if I can find the seeds of the delicious white cucumber by CSA grew last year. I’ll have to crawl through old emails and see if I can find the name.

lemon spacemaster

Lemon and Spacemaster cucumbers sliced

Got seeds from: Botanical Interests
Planting info: These are supposed to be good for small spaces. I planted two in the raised beds beside the luffa. They get watered from the soaker hose and are growing up two upside-down tomato trellises.
Beauty points: Not gorgeous. They have small spikes that can be rubbed off while washing them.
Taste: Tastes like a cucumber! Very thin and not at all bitter skin. Not too seedy, would make decent pickles, I think.
Other considerations: None, really. They’re been growing very well and don’t seem to have any issues.
Will I grow it again? Definitely! I may try another cucumber next year for picking as well, but this one is definitely staying on the list.


ethelpostSo one day over the weekend I happened to be scanning through my iphoto garden pics when @redwhiteandgrew suggested to @ethelgloves that they post some pics of garden bloggers’ gloves on their site (they are very good about reaching out to customers). Well, since I was looking at pics from that weekend that I took of my new gloves (planned for a post later), I posted a quick twitpic.

Well, I come home from picking up my triangle-shaped tomato trellises/cages from Lowe’s (in-store pickup) and lo and behold, I see that Ethel has featured my gloves on their web page! My very gloves! (Here!! – note, you’ll probably have to NEXT through until to get to me, as my page gets moved back when new gardeners are added!) How cool is that? I will now bask in the glory of my immense fame. I would like to thank Ethel’s tweeter, @ourlittleacre, and @redwhiteandgrew for this honor. And of course my mother and father. (Now send one in, @redwhiteandgrew, so you, too can bask and I don’t feel bad! 🙂 )

I was planning on posting a little review of the gloves (I’m a big reviewer of things since I read a ton of reviews before I buy something. Return the favor! I’m even a member of Amazon Vine, Amazon’s pre-release kind of reviewing service.). I’ll probably post that this weekend (NOTE – see post on 4/27 for review). (I’m very happy with the gloves.) But until then, I had to share the excitement!

Also, the heels story is true. It happened early last week. I was wearing super cute heels and when I got home from work it was nice. So I decided to plant some seedlings in the herb garden, fill up the watering cans from the rain barrel, and do a little weeding. Had I changed from heels into gardening shoes, my pants would have been too long and gotten dirty. So instead of changing both, I just left on the heels! This scenario is not unique to last week. I think it should be a new trend. No – probably not.

Oh, by the way, ummm – happy birthday, mom!

UPDATE: Ethel also added me to their blogroll! It’s a crazy circle of twittering about twitter and blogging about blogging about twittering. You know. Anyway, I’m honored guys, thanks! (Also, you can get a discount using this code – they also post other codes and goodies on the twitter from time to time, so check it out!)


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