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img_5301Wow – not a fun day at work. Like so many others in the publishing industry, there were layoffs at my job today. Thankfully, I am safe, but I feel horrible for those who were let go—some who’d been with the company for a very, very long time. I guess there’s a reason for everything, and these people will do fine (might even be a positive change for some) but still—just wow. There will be some restructuring so my job will probably change a little in the coming months. It’ll be interesting to see how that pans out. In the meantime, I think it’s time I updated my resumé and opened a LinkedIn account. I like my job, but I’ve long been worried about its long-term stability and even things like retirement. And since we’re going to be starting a family soon, I might have to make a change I really don’t want to.

Now is a time when I could really use some pretty flowers to fiddle around with. I’ll have to settle for working off some frustrations at the gym.


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