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Screen shot 2009-10-05 at 8.03.59 PMThis weekend I finally took out a stepping stone kit I bought last summer. I bought 2 of them using the weekly 40% off coupons from Michael’s, and also got anothet box of just the cement mix (I have a lot of random mosaic pieces, so I didn’t need all that stuff). One of the kits I did last year, and the other had these fun letter presses (and I also got letters in another font, but I haven’t used that yet. I love these!

Pics of all of them are below. The one from the actual full kit is the “Watters est 5-5-06” one. The others were from the supplemental box of mix (the mix is really just portland cement, which you can get at Lowe’s, but you have to buy it in GIANT bags which you have to both store and carry out of the store, so I’ll stick to the small ones). I combined the glass from the kit and other glass and jewels I had (Michael’s and dollar store) for all of them. For the smaller ones, I used various containers – the rectangles are the bottoms of the containers some of the mosaic pieces came in and the round ones are the plastic pot drainer things (do they have a name?). One of them actually has cool little feet because the drainer thing – might have to try and think of some cool way to utilize that if I make more of these.

So anyway – enjoy the pics! Some are repeats because I took pics before they were totally dry and then rearranged them. What do you think? And a question – do you think I can leave these out all winter, or should I bring them in because water might freeze in the letters and crack them? Also on the smaller ones, some are slightly brittle (too little water) and some the letters didn’t work well on (too much water). I don’t want any of them to break, but I’d like to have them out over the winter if I can…

Screen shot 2009-10-05 at 8.03.22 PM

Screen shot 2009-10-05 at 5.07.16 PM

Screen shot 2009-10-05 at 8.00.30 PM

Going to put these in the garden by the shells that I have from the beach.

Going to put these in the garden by the shells that I have from the beach.

Screen shot 2009-10-05 at 8.02.15 PM

I finally put together my pumpkin man, too - love this guy!

I finally put together my pumpkin man, too - love this guy!


It is sad how antsy I am for the spring/summer. It’s extra bad lately because we had such cold weather last week (single digits) that even my pansies are looking sad. I pinched off the frozen/floppy bits and they should recover hopefully. The bulbs are still poking through, but seem to have paused since it’s so frigging cold (which is good).

So here’s my little checklist of to dos and to gets for the spring (which is continuously growing)…

• cosmos
• poppies ( I LOVE poppies, so I hope I can get them to grow)
• alyssum
• gloriosa daisy

• lemongrass and lemon balm
• basil
• mint
• oregano
• lavender
• thyme
• more catnip if the one I have doesn’t recover from winter
• cat grass to rotate to inside for the kitties

• more blanket flower (gallardia)
• more daylilies
• coreopsis

• copper wire for fiddleheads and other fun things
• glass scraps and mosaic tiles for various projects
• largeish rocks for plant names
• stuff to try and make some hypertufa
• make stepping stones w/stuff I have

• Note to self: remember to participate in Bloom Day on Feb 15, and link to the Mister Linky.

some of my projects from 2008…


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