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I’ve decided to enter this month’s Gardening Gone Wild Photo contest. Many of the blogs I follow take part, so what the hell? This month’s theme is “awakening.” I considered a few photos…

This daffodil photo was taken in March 2009 after a rain.

raindrops on a daffodil

So was this one. I love the angle, focus, and vectors all pointing to the daff, but the colors aren’t as vibrant as I wanted, even after I fooled around with another version in Photoshop a bit.

a daffodil at home

I like this shot of a baby spinach seedling, but eh, I dunno. This was taken 2 days ago.
spinach seedling

Also taken 2 days ago, this one clearly won’t work. Alice is doing precisely the OPPOSITE of “awakening”…
Alice sleeping

…she REALLY really loves the heater.
Alice sleeping

This was taken in early February. I like it, but it doesn’t really “pop.”

In the end, I decided to enter this one. This photo of my flowering quince was taken last spring. I actually used it as my desktop wallpaper for quite some time. I was rather pleased with how pretty the sky looked and how it contrasted against the pretty salmon pink of the flower.

Think I picked the right one???

Herb AlmanacMARCH 12: Wearing fresh pea blossoms attracts people and promotes friendships.


My daffodils are already starting to poke up for spring, and with all the new bulbs I planted this winter, I can’t wait for springtime. I’ve also got a new composter to put together and some plants put in in late fall that should perk up the side garden. Is it warm yet? Here’s what things looked like last year. Hopefully they’ll have multiplied.

Oh – this also reminds me I have to work on setting up my webpage for Daffodil Days. I’m going to be the coordinator for my office. Yay cancer research! Only apparently the Daffodil Days website portion is pretty crappy, and has been giving me a lame error message since I first set it up. boo! But I did get a few orders/donations today already!

tulip2007 tulips2007 daffodils2007


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