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Here are the winners of my first t-shirt giveaway. Congratulations, guys! I’ll be contacting you all by email and/or twitter shortly. (Note: I gave my comments/the pingbacks a number, but if the number of those was picked, I picked again! Also I was going to take screenshots of the winning numbers, but I got excited and forgot. So trust me!)
#9: Sarah from Toronto Gardens
#3: Jeanette
#1: Hostageek

Also, be sure to check in with Kylee of Our Little Acre – she has a few of these tees that she’ll be giving away soon. And if you don’t want to chance it on a contest, head on over to the store for You Grow Girl, where you can buy one in a similar design.

And now, a few pics from this VERY RAINY week. ugh.

dirt timing good, looking at camera timing bad.

dirt timing good, looking at camera timing bad.

I am super-excited to be doing my first giveaway! When I won the Troy-Bilt TB57 trimmer a while back, @allisonpeltz asked if I wanted some t-shirts as well. Heck yeah! So she sent me a few of these super-cute “I ❤ dirt” tees.

(Please excuse how super-retarded I look. I was trying to do something cute and clever and it totally didn’t work, and we haven’t had a sunny day since when I could really re-try. Also I wasn’t even having a good hair day, so FAIL all around. And super-retarded you get! Also the weird photo alignment seems to continue. wtf.)

The tee is kind of funny to me, because my mom loves to share the story of the ONE time I got dirty as a child. I was allowed to make mud pies on the patio. Apparently this was an EPIC event because I didn’t like to get dirty. Oh well. I guess you grow into it? (OK that sounds dirty in a different way. sigh.)

After keeping one giving one to my mom (of course), I still have 3 to give away! One XL and 2 M (I am wearing a M in the pics). These are 100% organic cotton shirts from They’re that thin but super-soft and nice cotton. They are as pictured, with a smallish red Troy-Bilt logo on the back just under the neck. Wear your hair down and no one will know! Wear it while gardening, wear it while shopping for garden things. Totally chic – it will be the must-have item for this season, I’m sure of it. (Plus I love things that say things or, even better, say what they ARE on them – but that is a post for another day, perhaps.)

So here are the giveaway rules:

  1. Leave a comment on this post with the criteria mentioned below. Be sure you leave a valid email address with your comment so I can contact you if you won. I’m not hunting you down!
  2. Comment should include at least ONE of the following: A) Tell us what your state soil is (MD is Sassafras, for example), and tell us how it compares to the soil in YOUR yard. What is your state soil good for growing? OR B) Tell us how you amend your garden soil or share your favorite potting soil or potting soil recipe.
  3. Tweet or blog about the contest and leave a second comment on this post linking to your tweet or blog and you’ll be entered twice! Be sure you @jennahw in any tweets so I catch them!
  4. Contest ends on Saturday 6/20/2009 at 9:00PM Eastern. I’ll pick 3 commenters by comment number using that night, and all commenters who logged a comment before 9pm will be eligible. No one can win twice, so if your number gets picked twice, I get to pick again. First number picked gets first pick of size, second gets second pic of size, third gets whatever is left! If someone takes a long time to get back to me, though, then size picks may get pre-empted FYI.

Good luck!!


@jennahw on twitter!


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