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Took these of Hank and Alice over the weekend. They do love an open window! They are looking out over the driveway/parking area to the “side garden,” the end of which (that you can see) is the old veggie garden. Right under the window they’re sitting at is the triangle garden. That doodad in the window is a super cute solar-powered rainbow-maker (that I love).

Cats in the window

Cats in the window

…let’s zoom in on Hank in that last one…
Hank's tongue

Herb AlmanacFEBRUARY 19: St. Joseph’s Day – Children born today are especially lucky. If the weather is fair, it will be a good year for gardening.


So I know I already did a Wordless Wednesday post, but I can’t resist. I’m writing this post on Wednesday, February 10. Today added about 3 inches of snow on top of an inch or so of sleet from last night—all of that added to the 18 or so (some melted I’m sure) inches already there from the weekend, and the 2 or 3 that were there from the weekend before that. Wind gusts got up to 56 mph. It is the third day we’ve had off for snow this year. We were closed one day in January, got out early this past Friday, and were off Monday (still digging out from the massive weekend snow) and today. Tomorrow is iffy though the message this AM said they intend to be open. [UPDATE – Nope, we’re closed. They can’t get plowed. Probably a good call – it’ll be icy and nasssty. Our poor CFO/COO sounds so exasperated on the office message!]

THIS IS CRAZY. This has been the snowiest winter in the DC Metro area EVER. Take a look at this time lapse video for a taste. We’ll see if I have work tomorrow – my building is flat (buildings around here are dropping like flies – seriously – Catholic school, post office, sheriff’s office, elderly center, and houses, just to name some) and the parking lot was horrendous yesterday BEFORE we got a ton of freezing rain and ice. When I got to work yesterday, firetrucks were there inspecting the roof for safety (somehow did not actually make me feel safer). And oh – more snow expected next week! I looked at the local newspaper’s website this AM and it looked like the apocalypse – building collapses, car crashes, house fires, scary-looking weather maps. ACK.

Today, as my hubby got up from a nap to go to work in the blizzard (he’s a cop, so he has to work), I was in my reading chair, wearing a (Terps!) snuggie, with a cat on my lap, holding a mug of tea, reading a gardening book. That’s some sort of cliché I’m not sure I should have just admitted to being on the internet. I’m glad he didn’t know where the camera was or was too tired to care.

So anyway – the seed starting area is still in the works (needs lights – once we can you know, actually get out to get to a store again), I can’t even get to the shed without digging a trench, and I guess my plants are under there somewhere. I’d love to take some lovely photos of icicles hanging off of plants, except I CAN’T FIND THEM. Where are they? Under this….

Friday, February 5: windy, snowy, grey, gross.

I staked off the triangle garden to minimize rocks tossed in during shoveling.

Sunday, February 7: Snow stopped finally! Time to dig out. That sleet layer was NOT fun.

Thankful for my rain boots and liners. Seriously.


the icicles of death - they reach down to eye level. scary.

There goes my nicely shoveled driveway.

At least there are birds around... keep Miss Alice happy.

And Hank, as usual, is just begging to play.

Wish all us metro area folks luck. It’s insanity. I can’t say I don’t enjoy the snow days, but geez.

#wordlesswednesday two weeks in a row?!

You know all the stuff that I mentioned I had to do before it gets cold in this post? I still have to do all of them. Well, not *entirely* true—I did pull up the big gigantic zinnia, bringing in a bunch of blooms before sending it on its way into the woods. I’m hoping maybe it’ll reseed next year randomly there? A girl can dream. The nice thing about cut zinnias is that you can but them when they’ve just barely started blooming and they’ll still finish and be pretty.

zinnias - cut

Proof that I pulled the zinnia. Prob should have taken a pic of these before they got all wilty, huh?

But ummm besides that, I really haven’t done anything outside. We’re even still waiting for the shed moving to be scheduled (Note to self: take pic of the yard before it gets moved for reference). The gravel pad is done, but it’s still not moved.

Alice shame

I know, I know. Alice is ashamed at our lack of progress.

Perhaps this weekend. We have some tentative plans (including organizing the sheds if we move the new one on Friday), but I could prob fit in a few garden tasks. Siiiigh.

Question: Do you plant your decorative mums each year or treat them as annuals? I can’t decide what to do. I want to plant them, but I don’t really have a ton of space for mums. I have 4 very small ones and 2 slightly bigger ones to think about. hmmmm.

I pick up the first CSA delivery of the fall/winter season tomorrow! Will report back.


Hank is ambiguous about our lack of progress.

Actually, I think cats aren’t supposes to eat tomatoes (at least not green ones or tomato plants). But since I have nothing else to say and I just ran across these (thank you icanhascheezburger widget!, here are some lolcats. Note: Kittehs pictured are not my kittehs.

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

Does that last one look familiar? Yes, I think it does.

Forgot to share CSA week 2’s stash, but here is week 3 (from last Thursday). Again, keep in mind that this is half of a full share – I’m sharing with a friend.

CSA Week 3

CSA Week 3

I also got a bonus!

handle with care

handle with care

Boxes PLUS the possibility of some green produce-like thing = Alice in a box.

hello, kitty!

hello, kitty!

And now some pots I like that I made. In other words, the second installment of … favorite pots!

prettier when the dahlias are in bloom

prettier when the dahlias are in bloom

the larger bloom pot

the larger bloom pot

(false) geranium, mystery blue flower, parsley, crazy spike grass

(false) geranium, mystery blue flower, parsley, crazy spike grass

(tall!) zinnias (from seed!) dahlias, pink thingies, spike

(tall!) zinnias (from seed!) dahlias, pink thingies, spike

the ex-herb garden

the ex-herb garden

this simple pot makes me happy - lemon balm from my grandmother and my mother

this simple pot makes me happy - lemon balm from my grandmother and my mother

portulaca/moss rose and a sad, neglected, late pepper seedling

portulaca/moss rose and a sad, neglected, late pepper seedling

Also happy birthday to me! I turned 26 today and my hubby did last Thursday!

I love flower pots, as I have admitted before. This is one of my favorites. I have 2 cats (Hank and Alice), so I have a lot of “cat things.” At Lowe’s last summer I spied this planter. They had a cat, a chicken, and a rabbit iirc. I noted that I liked it and moved on.

Well my birthday was a few weeks later, and guess what was one of the things my hubby got me? The cat planter! I love it! It reminds me of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland (and there are a few reasons one of my cats is named Alice).

Last year I think I stuck something random in it because I got it later in the season, but this year I picked these orange gerber daisies specifically for the cat planter. It looks like his butt is blooming! It makes me smile.


If I remember, I’ll do a little series on my favorite pots (the pots themselves) or containers (the plants within). Do you have any favorite pots?

Got a lot done! Here’s what, with pics below in a gallery bc there are a bunch.

  1. Planted lettuce. Some in new box on the deck, some in the veggie garden (since there won’t be any veggies in there for a little bit yet).
  2. Went to wedding. Dreamt about plants I will be getting from Sotterley at the plant sale in a month.
  3. Planted freesia in a pot – stuck pot in empty veggie garden for now.
  4. Planted gaillardia and helenium in front garden.
  5. Pulled up a ton of onions. I find it funny that people cultivate leeks in their gardens. Here they’re a bitch in your yard. I certainly could pull some of the ones that plague my yard and garden and plant them for food, but also neither my husband or I like onions at all. So they just annoy me.
  6. Saw that my evergreen vinca ground cover (used on a hill behind the side garden) is not only starting to really grow, but is blooming! Yay!
  7. My pink carnations have the beginnings of buds on them!
  8. Took some shoots of daylilies that were away from their respective clumps, clumped them together, and planted them in a spot that was lacking a daylily because I ran out of divisions last year when re-doing things.
  9. Decided that I am an idiot, and I definitely did plant the 3 bulbs on the other side of the house. It was not a squirrel. I put the mystery daffs there!
  10. Planted peony that I had potted up last year because it seemed to not like where it was.
  11. Planted Cancer Society Daffodil Days daffs (they’re all done blooming).
  12. Made a spot for an herb garden! Moved lemon thyme there as a start. (Note, in the pic below, I later went out and fixed the hose to coil up properly. It has been bugging me since last week when it was put there like that. I am crazy.)
  13. Set out the seedlings for a little sun.
  14. Put some stuff in the compost bin.

Tadaa! Successful day. Pics of the above are below.

me and snow-ogelthorpe

me and snow-ogelthorpe

So we DID get a crapload of snow! Hubby had to get up at 5am to clean off the driveway some more (parking the cars there did help) and get ready for work. They sent SUVs to come pick them up. They can’t really drive the Crown Vics in this weather.

I called in to work and at 6am a message said “we plan on opening at 11am, so call back at 9:30am and check.” wtf. Come on! There was no way I could get out my driveway anyway as it was still snowing this AM, and it had already covered from where Will shoveled out this morning. So I called it a day and went out to clean off the deck so it didn’t fall down. Luckily they DID decide to close work. I’d be pissed if I had to use one of my precious few days off for this!

Again, some of you may not be impressed, but I am! I don’t think we’ve had this much snow here in about 5-6 years, since when I was in college. It’s just about a foot I think, in the nonsnowdrifty places. It’s fun! Wish Will was off so we could play. I did manage to make a snowman though! He’s kind of funky looking. Apparently I was channeling Ogelthorpe from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Also it’s hard to make a snowman by yourself. I am now told that I should have rolled the snow into a ball (I thought that only worked in cartoons?). Maybe if I go back out again later I will. I have to play in the snow while I can 🙂 But it’s super windy out, and I think it’s even still snowing (or is that just blowing snow? It’s hard to tell) so meh. It’ll be interesting to see what the work/school situation is tomorrow.

The birds have been loving my offerings of food, which is fun. Here’s a video of Alice yesterday intimidating the birdies.

Also, can anyone ID the mystery birds indicated below? I’ve looked through my bird book, but these are stumping me. The black/white ones don’t appear to be chickadees, and I’m not sure if the brown stripey one is a pine siskin or some kind of sparrow or wren…?

It finally snowed here in MD enough for it to stick to the ground. And even though we get a fair amount of snow each year, it still causes chaos. Apparently just after I got to work this AM, there were about a billion accidents on the road, and of course all the schools got out early. I don’t get it. Even the University of MD closed at noon. My sophomore year there, we had a TON of snow and ice and they only canceled classes a couple times. Though ice skating to class could be entertaining, it got old quick on a giant campus, and my super old professors were a walking accident in those conditions. Unfair!

But anyway, enjoy some pretty snow pics. I got home in waning light, and reports say it’ll be in the 50s tomorrow, so everything will just turn into muddy slush (after first turning into ice—fun!). Had to get some pics today, just in case we don’t get any more frigging snow!

Allow me to explain the cat/husband pic. Our one cat Alice adores everything cold. She gets in the fridge and tries to get in the freezer. She begs for ice cubes or chips when she hears the freezer open. She plays with the frozen watering can water when I bring it in, and loves loves loves an ice cube in a bowl or glass of water. So while I was taking pics of snowy things, Will hooked her up to the harness (which we bought just for the hell of it to let them explore outside rarely and stop me from thinking they’ll run away to their deaths – we aren’t crazy enough to go for daily cat walks or anything) and took her outside in the snow. She was not so much a fan, even though she had been begging at the door to check things out. Darn cat can’t make up her mind! More on the cats to come later, I’m sure.


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