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Friday - Snow-Ogelthorpe's Final Bow

Friday - Snow-Ogelthorpe

Well, the snow is gone. The pic at left was taken just as I got home from work on Friday. As soon as I was about to push the shutter button, the hat fell off! Talk about timing. Yesterday he was just a tiny snowball (pic in the gallery below), and today he’s totally gone, I’m sure. Yesterday was gorgeous, though. Unfortunately, I got some very unexpected very bad news about a friend of the family that made it a little less gorgeous. Still, I was able to get a lot done to attempt to take my mind off things (these things always make you think about parents, family members, and the future).

I bought some seeds and seed starting trays! I really want to try seeds officially this year. Among herbs and stuff, I got seeds for nasturtium, which I’ve never seen for sale around here and always found pretty – and wanted to try in salads and stuff. Also got a bright yellow/orange/red mix of cosmos. I’ve never ‘officially’ started stuff from seed before. Last year I had some free packets of cosmos, parsley, and basil that I basically just threw in a pot and they grew! Well, except for the parsley, but I see on its packet now that you’re supposed to soak that seed, so maybe that’s why that was a dud. I’m still usind the dried basil leaves from the summer though. I also got a large azalea pot that I’m hoping to be able to transplant all my little herb seedlings into. Then, apart from my perennial rosemary and lemon thyme, I’ll have basil, oregano, parsley, cilantro, and sage (and nasturtium). I will admit that I did get the sage specifically because at the end of the summer, I got these cute little pots for $1 that say “sage” on them. But I think that’s good enough reason – I’ll figure out how to use it!

Also updates on the bird news. Thanks to @gettingdirty, I’ve identified this mystery bird (on left) as a dark-eyed junco. It’s related to the snow bunting, the bird my mom suggested, but a more common and more southern-found variety.

I have roughly a ton of pics slated to post, so I’ll try to save some so spread them out through the week. Later in the week I plan to do a “pretty weeds I have found” post, since I randomly was able to get on ID’d via twitter last night. Who says twitter isn’t great??

me and snow-ogelthorpe

me and snow-ogelthorpe

So we DID get a crapload of snow! Hubby had to get up at 5am to clean off the driveway some more (parking the cars there did help) and get ready for work. They sent SUVs to come pick them up. They can’t really drive the Crown Vics in this weather.

I called in to work and at 6am a message said “we plan on opening at 11am, so call back at 9:30am and check.” wtf. Come on! There was no way I could get out my driveway anyway as it was still snowing this AM, and it had already covered from where Will shoveled out this morning. So I called it a day and went out to clean off the deck so it didn’t fall down. Luckily they DID decide to close work. I’d be pissed if I had to use one of my precious few days off for this!

Again, some of you may not be impressed, but I am! I don’t think we’ve had this much snow here in about 5-6 years, since when I was in college. It’s just about a foot I think, in the nonsnowdrifty places. It’s fun! Wish Will was off so we could play. I did manage to make a snowman though! He’s kind of funky looking. Apparently I was channeling Ogelthorpe from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Also it’s hard to make a snowman by yourself. I am now told that I should have rolled the snow into a ball (I thought that only worked in cartoons?). Maybe if I go back out again later I will. I have to play in the snow while I can 🙂 But it’s super windy out, and I think it’s even still snowing (or is that just blowing snow? It’s hard to tell) so meh. It’ll be interesting to see what the work/school situation is tomorrow.

The birds have been loving my offerings of food, which is fun. Here’s a video of Alice yesterday intimidating the birdies.

Also, can anyone ID the mystery birds indicated below? I’ve looked through my bird book, but these are stumping me. The black/white ones don’t appear to be chickadees, and I’m not sure if the brown stripey one is a pine siskin or some kind of sparrow or wren…?

My mom got me a finch feeder to go with my regular bird feeder a while back, because I love the bright cheery yellow finches. But I’ve lamented forever that we seem to have none at my house. I looked out this AM and there was a little redish bird at the finch feeder! Now I’ve seen them chowing down at the food bowls on the deck as well. Looks like I’m going to have to get some more finch food. So today I broke out my bird book and identified some birds. I’ll have to keep on top of this a little more to see what all we have here.

black cap chickadee

black cap chickadee

male house finch

male house finch

male house sparrow

male house sparrow

white throat sparrow

white throat sparrow

I know in addition to these, we of course have Blue Jays and Cardinals. I really like the house finches, even if they are common. I’ll have to keep an eye out and work on my bird pic taking skills. Unfortunately, clicking cats frequently seem to blow my cover.

Tomorrow I will attempt to post for bloom day. Hubby got me a really pretty cyclamen for Valentine’s Day! Good job buying a potted plant instead of crazy expensive cut flowers. I gave him props 🙂


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