Started gardening when I moved into my house in 2007, and now am addicted. Addiction is also slowly moving inside in the form of houseplants. Working from my mother’s sage advice (passed down from my tobacco farmer grandfather and plant-rescuer grandmother) as well as a considerable amount of trial and error. This is as much as journal for my own personal reference as it is a place to share garden experiments and pretty pictures.

I am wife to a deputy sheriff and mom to two cats: Alice and Hank. I’m a cynic, but not a hateful one. Also note that though I am an editor (well, technically now I work in marketing, but I don’t like how that sounds so I still choose to identify as an editor), I don’t self-edit my blog too much. Mostly it’s just write, post, and go, and I’ll edit later on if I see something funky. So I apologize here for any odd typos.

What’s this “Herbal Almanac” thing all about? I happened upon the book and thought it might make a fun blog feature. Read about that here: A New Blog “Thing” for 2010 and follow the tag/category (click from any post) to see all the posts.

Gardening Specs: zone 7A in Maryland, just under 1 acre of land

SEE MY DAILY MUGSHOT! It’s fun! I promise!

your friendly garden blogger, Jennah

your friendly garden blogger, Jennah


Crazy OCD cat Hank in a moment of reflection.


Princess Cat of the house, Alice.

One of my fave kitty shots.

us in HI

Me and the hubby in Hawaii

Family Photo 2009

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