There are 2 plants (well, probably more) that I can say with absolute assurance that I hate.

honey locustThe first is locust trees. They are, unfortunately, the predominant tree in our yard. The roots are shallow and little baby locust trees grow from them. But because the trees are growing from the roots, you can’t even just pull them up – you end up pulling 20 feet of root that goes in, around, and between other plants and flower beds. It sucks. Plus they have thorns and still grow profusely from stumps. And rest assured mine don’t look like the one on wikipedia page. They’re ‘weed trees’ growing in what used to be a wooded area, so they’re tall and spindly and half dead and uneven and ugly. I hate them.



The second thing? Crabgrass. I have Bermuda grass, too, but I don’t hate it as much because it’s not nearly as pervasive. And honestly, I don’t care so much about the crabgrass in the main part of the lawn. It’s not as pretty as my parents’ gorgeous zoysia grass lawn that actually feels like a carpet, but it’s green so whatever. It would take longer than we plan on living in this house to reseed half an acre or so of lawn with zoysia (and more money). But I hate hate hate it for two reasons. First of all, it grows in the gravel driveway like crazy. I’m always having to pull it out. It’s not the only offender for sure, but it’s the most visible offender. Secondly, it creeps into my flower bed borders. If we had “good grass”, then even if the lawn needed to be cut, there wouldn’t be 6 inches of creeping grass in the flower beds.

But no amount of edging can keep out the crabgrass. (We currently have an edging of recycled tire that is supposed to look like brown mulch. I think it looks very nice…if you can find it under the crabgrass). Because it sprawls, if it’s anywhere near the edge of the flowerbed, it’ll find its way over. It doesn’t really seed IN the flower bed because I catch it, but it will do its evil sprawling rooting deal and make babies that way. It really bothers my sense of order and neatness. I hate it (did I mention that?).

It’s about the time to start taking care of such things for the fall (from what I hear, you do it once in the fall and once in the spring, right?). The lawn is hubby’s domain, but I’m willing to hear ideas. How can we take care of the crabgrass situation without using anything too evil? We are in a Chesapeake watershed area (there’s a pier off our road) and I do grow veggies in the yard. But I also want the crabgrass GONE.

While out backyard does have mostly “good grass” (we expanded the backyard when we moved in), the front yard has pretty much no “good grass,” so it’s not like we can just pull out the offending weeds, spray something there, and move on. It’s *all* crabgrass, bermuda grass, plantain weed, clover…you get the idea. We did do a weed and feed one year only to find out that that made our entire front lawn brown because, well…it’s all weeds! So then the crabgrass just came back full force with all that new area to seed itself. Obviously desperate measures cannot be taken. We can’t buy sod, we can’t till up the whole yard, etcetc. We need another option. There must be one! Help!