A while back, I randomly was picked to win a $25 gift certificate from Nature Hills Nursery via a twitter contest. I browsed for a while – I really don’t want to buy any more regular perennials at this point without a plan, but they have a very good selection of shrubs that are actually sold in larger sizes. I’ve wanted a red twig dogwood for some time, but I didn’t order because I just didn’t know where to put one. I kept reading that they preferred moisture, so I couldn’t think of a spot large enough that doesn’t run the risk of being too dry. I figured I’d wait to order in the fall anyway, when it’s better to plant that sort of thing. Then I realized I had the perfect place for one!

rain barrel garden

The rain barrel garden! When we made this garden, I’m not exactly sure why, but we kind of stopped off after the a/c unit and didn’t go all the way to the back of the house. It looks fine, but it’s a pain to mow and weed whack and the grass on that side of the yard is crap anyway. I think a dogwood shrub would be perfect on that right side there. This area is east-facing, so it gets morning sun. This is also the side of the house that both gutters run off of, and the a/c unit drips to. So this is definitely the most moist area of the yard.

One problem. I can’t decide which one to get! So you get to help me decide. Below I will list my thoughts on each, then you can vote in the poll.

Ivory Halo – I love the variegated leaves on this one. Twigs are red in the winter, which I originally wanted. Per their prices, I could go ahead and get a larger size one, use my gift certificate, and just pay shipping. (I guess a 2 gallon pot is bigger than 2 feet?) My only concern here is the size – 5-6 feet might be a bit large, unless I plant it more towards the back corner of the house and not centered in that empty spot.

Kelsey Dwarf – The size on this one is ideal and it has the red twigs I wanted. But it just has green leaves all summer and spring. A bit boring. Also a bit more expensive for the size.

Arctic Sun – Yellow twig dogwood! I never even knew that existed. Are they pretty? I kind of dig the golden leaves on this one in the summertime, and it is a little smaller than the Ivory Halo at only 3-4 feet. Based on their description though, I wonder if the area will not be moist enough and if it won’t get enough sun. I think it would probably be OK. If this one had red twigs it’d be the winner, but I’m not *quite* as excited about the yellow.

Help me decide what to order in the fall! Vote below!