I know I have spoken of pretty weeds before, but this weed has long been my favorite. The first time I saw it, I think I spent 10 minutes trying to get my camera to focus on the impossibly tiny flower so I could have a photo of it. The flower is about half the size it is when you view the picture below full-screen. Can you imagine how gorgeous it’d be if it was huge? Reminds me a little of a hibiscus. Very hard to photograph because it’s so small and I can’t manually focus my camera, but the outside is a peachy color and there is a small purple ring inside.

pretty weed

This little guy has chosen to grow in a spot in my flower bed where it actually looks sort of “on purpose,” so I’ve let it be. It’s pretty well-behaved and stays in a little clump. And with even the drought-tolerant plants starting to look rough lately (we’re in a “moderate drought” here in Southern MD and have gotten about 10 minutes of rain in the last month and a half or so), you’ve got to have a little respect for the weeds that are pulling through. I also can’t help but notice the wild daisies lately, as well as the Queen Anne’s Lace – a favorite of my grandmothers, and one I actually often pick for bouquets in the office when I walk around the block to get out for a bit.

Anyone have an ‘official’ name for this weed?

Also an official WELCOME! to all the Googlers who were looking for a different kind of pretty weed. 🙂