I got this dracaena as a little tiny baby from IKEA my senior year of college (so 2004-05). I potted it up and kept it in my basement window, then it came home with me. When I got my current job in late 2005 after graduation, it was one of the first plants that came to my cubicle with me. It was happy. Now, 5 years later, it’s grown a ton! I repotted it about 3 years ago from the small IKEA pot into the gorgeous red pot that I just love. Last year at some point I took it home and added more soil to the pot because I noticed water was just rushing out when I watered the plant – it was all roots and no soil. This week I noticed a lot of the bottom leaves starting to yellow and I decided to face the music – I needed to up-pot it.

Dracaena in my cube in its old pot.

As I was taking it home today, someone asked where it was going! The plant is so big and spiky and I have it on a plant stand, so it really stands out in the office. I often have people comment on how pretty it is. I told them no worries, it’d be back! I stopped by a local nursery on my way home that I know has a great selection of pots, since I knew I didn’t have one of the right size at home. They tend to be a bit pricey, but I think I got a decent deal with the one I picked for $14.99. Not too bad. The old pot was about 7 inches across and squatty, and the new one is about 9 or 10 across and taller.

old pot and new pot

It was so rootbound I really had to pry it out of the old pot. Because the old pot closed in a bit at the top, it was really wedged in there. Look at all those roots! I pulled them apart a bit before planting it in its new, more spacious home.

Can we say ROOTBOUND?

I topped off the pot with a bag of rocks from the dollar store (really into using those lately as pot dressing – I like it) and I’m really happy with how it turned out. Since I love that red pot so much, I brought home a lighter green and pink dracaena I had at work and potted it up with an ivy and a pothos I had in smaller pots at home. Somehow a jade also made its way home with my from the nursery (how did THAT happen?!), so I potted that up as well (hopefully for the kitchen as long as the cats don’t find it delicious).

Repotted and happy!

The rocks that are used as top dressing for those pots? Old aquarium rocks we saved from our fish (who we lost over the winter). I always saved them after we changed them, and I finally found something to use them for! Used them on the catnip plant outside as well.

fish rock pot dressing

Good thing I am planning on taking the spiky plants back to work tomorrow…

“What plant? I don’t see any delicious looking plants on top of the microwave. Not sure what you’re referring to…”