A few months back I was approached by Ethel Gloves on twitter and asked if I’d like to be one of the few people try out a new kind of glove they may be offering. The new gloves, I was told, would be vegan and made from synthetic fibers, and should be cooler and allow for more dexterity than the other Ethel gloves. Already a fan of Ethel, I said um…hell yes! as per my usual response to being asked to review something.

proof of their superspecialsecretness

These have actually quickly taken over from my cute blue Ethels as my go-to gloves. I have a more sturdy pair of Womanswork gloves I wear for mulching and more heavy-duty tasks, but these are my defaults now (though I still use my other Ethels, which I have several pairs of). Here are my thoughts…

-fingertips seem sturdier. My old ones busted through when mulching last year, but I feel like these could take it. Still will prob use sturdier ones for mulch, though, just because.
-consequently (because they’re stronger), you lose some fingertip feel, but not a lot
-wrist elastic keeps dirt out, just like on all ethel gloves (BIG bonus! I hate when dirt and mulch get in the wrist and stuck in the fingertips!)
-more lightweight – the only time I felt I needed to rip them off was when planting small seeds. You can feel what you’re doing very nicely (due to thinner palm). Also good on HOT days!
-vegan is nice if you’re looking for that. esp if the cost is about the same as other options.
-usually i just rinse out my gloves very well with a hard stream of water and hang them in the shed to dry. I wash them every once in a while, but usually just rise. With the regular ones, they tend to get very “hard” the next time you go to put them on after that (they loosen up, but it’s weird at first). These didn’t seem to do that to quite the same extreme, which is nice.

-well, they’re not as cute because they’re just black. lol 🙂
-again, while the palm dexterity is great, you lose some in the fingertips. I think it’s a good tradeoff though – I would rather not have my nails poke through the fingertips than have fancy fabric.
-they seemed a bit shorter than my other M size ones (the elastic came lower on my wrist, almost to my plam), but I’ll chalk that up to a trial size. Fingers fit fine, but the palm seemed smaller. Still a much better fit than the standard women’s gardening gloves, which is Ethel’s main claim to fame (and a valid claim!).

I haven’t machine washed them yet, but I spray them down with a strong stream from the hose after wearing them and they’re still in great shape after 2 months of regular gardening wear!

If the price point is the same, I think I’d probably buy these from now on because of the fingertip issue (especially if they also came in cute prints). While I love my other ethels, I’m careful not to use them while spreading mulch or doing more hardcore tasks, because I have fingernails and they have poked through past pairs. In these I don’t feel like it would be a problem. And it almost feels like it’s because of they STYLE of the fingertips, not just the material. The way they’re sewn so the strip goes across the finger, maybe? Not sure, but it makes things seem more sturdy to me.

In action while making my succulent wreath:

Disclaimer: I received this item from Ethel Gloves to review, good or bad. I receive nothing in return for posting a good review versus a bad one – these opinions are my own and are an honest review of the product mentioned above. I read reviews extensively before purchasing almost anything, so I’m happy to review things so others can do the same. Let me know if you find this review helpful!