A couple months ago I was contacted by Allsop Home and Garden to see if I wanted to check out some plant tags for them. Allsop is a pretty cool company – all family owned and all the products they sell they design themselves. Their solar lighting is really gorgeous, as are their plant tags.


my usual plant tag style

I was intrigued by the plant tags because it says that if you use a gel pen (it originally said ballpoint, but they changed it to gel), they are washable and you can re-use them year after year! For some reason I can NEVER find a grease pencil that works well or is sharpened (suggestions welcome), so I just usually end up using a permanent marker that fades mostly by the end of the year and I re-mark it (I just mark my annual veggies). Not the best system, so I was intrigued by these super cute tags. At $15.99 they are a bit pricey, but worth it to me if they are re-usable AND renameable.

When I got them, first off I was REALLY impressed by the packaging! It’s freaking adorable and TOTALLY gift-worthy.

The pieces themselves also feel very sturdy. The plastic is actually kind of rubbery and bendy, but doesn’t feel like it will crack. The metal stakes are very strong – I couldn’t bend them with my hands at all. I brought home a gel pen from work, matched the pictures to the “feel” of my tomatoes (ie pink thing for Russian Rose, yellow thing for Sungold), and filled them out. I may just have a crap gel pen, but I did have to kind of write over the words twice to get it to any level of darkness. Very cute, though!
Allsop tags

allsop tags


So…how have they held up? Well, I put them up on 5/2/10. They have held up very well in my opinion! I will say that they have yellowed a bit (a bit more since this pic, which is a few weeks old), but they are still sturdy and look cute.

allsop tags

yellowed a little

I wanted to leave the writing on a while before attempting to wipe off the writing, so I did that a few weeks ago after I took the above pic. It suggests you use water, soapy water, or water with some alcohol. I figured I’d take the best of all 3 and used a clorox wipe. Unfortunately, even after a bit of scrubbing and fingernail scraping, it still looked exactly like the photo above and didn’t wipe off. I should have taken it in and tried again with soapy water, but I didn’t. I will try that at the end of the season and hope it works because I probably won’t grow all these same varieties next year and definitely want to reuse them. It may also be the fault of my aforementioned crappy gel pen (though the pen was definitely a gel pen as required). Not sure.

So…would I buy them again? I think I would definitely buy them as a gift for a gardener. They are adorable and very well packaged – very gift-worthy. For myself? Though they are pricey, if they worked with the wipe-off factor I would consider getting another pack for my veggies. I am going to give the wipe-off test a more intensive try in the fall and will re-evaluate.

All in all though, Allsop is a very cool company with some unique products that you should definitely check out!

Disclaimer: I received this item from Allsop Home and Garden to review, good or bad. I receive nothing in return for posting a good review versus a bad one – these opinions are my own and are an honest review of the product mentioned above. I read reviews extensively before purchasing almost anything, so I’m happy to review things so others can do the same. Let me know if you find this review helpful!