Crappy pics because there is a TON of noise in my pics lately for some reason and I wanted to eat the dang tomato so I rushed.

First tomato – Early Girl bought from the Amish (so I didn’t start this particular one from seed) with a few flowers on it at the end of April. Served with peas and beans from my garden. Eaten on 6/15/10 (scheduling this post for later in the week).

Verdict – DELICIOUS. More, please!

On the vine.

On the plate.

on the plate

and about to me in my tummy.

And about to be in my belly.

Fun fact: Did you know serrated knives work best for slicing tomatoes? The serrated edges grip the skin and slice through instead of slipping around all crazy like. I learned that in an episode of Good Eats and it’s totally true. I use steak knives. (Incidentally, I use my big chef’s knife and my steak knives for like everything. My paring knives never see any action!)