Went outside yesterday evening and snapped some quick pics after the rain. Here’s a taste of what’s blooming in my yard for bloom day. As always (even when I don’t mention it), thanks to May Dreams Gardens for hosting. All the vegetables are blooming. I’ve already gotten some beans and my first tomato is almost ready. The rest all have green tomatoes and are well on their way. My ground cherry is also doing well and I should be able to harvest some red cherry and sweet banana peppers soon, with the others following not far behind. All of my curcubits have bloomed, including my mystery ‘came with the compost’ one, but I don’t really see any sign of fruit yet.

Early Girl tomatoes allllmost ready! That red one will probably be eaten tomorrow after I clean off hte bird poo.

tomato blossoms

blooms from the dusty miller I accidentally overwintered - cute!

gardenia bush

bee balm and asiatic lilies

black eyed susan/rudbeckia hirta - Maryland State Flower

daylily foliage

first bloom on my 2 year old calla lily

ethereal looking coneflower

not-quite-blooming-yet mango mist hibiscus i'm glad I overwintered

Anyone want to ID my mystery curcubit? Or give me tips on how to stop it from overtaking that whole garden?