I have a pot of reddish hens and chicks I really love. They’re in a metal pot (with holes drilled) that was one of the centerpieces with potted flowers at my wedding. I have to separate it out every year because as hens and chicks do, they multiply.

I’ve wanted to make a succulent wreath for a while, so I got the supplies today and just made one in about 45 minutes! (And it wasn’t very messy – I did it still wearing my white shirt from work!)

What you need:
-a few kinds of succulents. I used hens and chicks and 2 types of sedum.
-a wire wreath frame (pictured below). Should be available at your local arts and crafts store.
-sphagnum moss or something similar
-potting soil
-twine or thin wire
-landscaping or floral U pins

Here are the steps. I found this in various versions on various other blogs, but here’s what I did (and I got carried away and forgot to take pics of all the steps. Oops!):
Step 1 – Lay out wreath form. You probably want to do this over a bucket of soil.
step 1

Step 2 – Roughly stuff in sphagnum moss.
Step 3 – Roughly jam in some potting soil over top of that.
Step 4 – Jam in some succulents. Push the roots into the potting soil and moss as much as you can, but don’t worry if they’re a bit floppy.
Step 5 – Tie twine/wire around areas to tighten things up. Be sure to get any big areas of moss, and you may need to go around roots or bottom leaves to tie down plants. You can also use floral pins or lanscaping pins for ones that need more support. You can leave it visible or cut the lengths off later.

step 5
step 6B Step 6 – Add more moss to cover up open areas of soil so they don’t wash away. Tie down again with more twine. TADAA!
step 6

Step 7 – Water and lay flat for a couple weeks so roots get settled in, then hang it wherever you like! Just make sure to water it occasionally (you could also leave it flat and use it as a table centerpiece or to surround an umbrella pole or something). Mine will probably go on the side of the deck. Depending on your climate, it may or may not make it through the winter. I will probably put mine in the cold frame we are planning on making out of one of the raised beds for the winter so hopefully I can have it next year as well!
Step 7

I am going to be getting some bright green hens and chicks from my mom that I will probably add in as well. And Aunt Deb – I potted up some of the RED hens and chicks for you and they’ll be traveling down with Mary’s baby shower gift with Gene and Rhonda! 🙂

[EDIT: Added some green hens and chicks donated by my mom. Love it! Hope they root wel and I can hang it up in a few weeks!]
with green