A few months ago, I was asked by the people of Troy-Bilt if I’d like to review something this season. Last year I won a cordless trimmer in a contest and reviewed that on the blog (though I didn’t have to). Um, heck yes!

Hubby and I went back and forth trying to decide whether to get a tiller or a pressure washer. Both are things we could definitely use. We borrow a tiller from either my or his parents at least once a year to till up a spot to fix grass seed or build a new garden. Both sets of parents also have pressure washers, but we hadn’t borrowed one of those since moving in (to clean the deck). In the end, we decided on the Troy-Bilt 2700 PSI 2.3 GPM Gas Pressure Washer. Though we’d get use out of a tiller, we figured we’d get more use from the pressure washer: deck, cars, siding, driveway, sheds, etc.

We got it in a while back – I was disturbed to find a giant box that said, more or less “Big Expensive Thing You Can Steal!” sitting on my front stoop one day after work. Way to go, FedEx man! (The mail lady and UPS guy know to leave stuff, especially stuff like that, on the back deck.) I dragged it in the house and it sat there until hubby very quickly put it together when we were cleaning up before going on vacation a couple weeks ago (assembly was very easy, according to hubs). He broke it out this weekend to use it.

First of all, let me just say that you seriously never know how many plants and things you have on your deck until you have to take them off one-by-one after getting home from work.

Anyway…deck before and afters! We’re pretty sure this deck was never sealed or anything (built by previous owners), and we would like to eventually do a bigger one ourselves, so we aren’t going to seal it and all that since it will likely be coming down in a few years anyway (we’ll see). It’s kind of weirdly shaped and not built great anyway. Power washing makes it look a TON better, though. There were tons of gross green spots and darkened spots from having plants and stuff on there. They are pretty much all gone and the whole deck looks WAY better. For some reason you can’t tell as much of a difference in the first set of pics (may be a lighting thing), but I assure you that our deck is a different color now.

Hubby also did the driveway (nice long cord and hose…it allllmost reached to the end of the driveway). He also did the siding. The siding really needed it. It was gross. This is the original 1979 siding (thank god they picked white back then), and most likely it has never been washed. He bought a big siding brush and some (garden safe!) siding cleaning solution and went to town. Now granted, we have a VERY small one-story house, but he got it all done in a few hours (with the help of a ladder – which the hose did not encumber him from using) in one night. Pretty good in my book! He even did a quick spray-off of the cars.

We’re very happy with this and will definitely be using it a lot. Now that we have it, we’ll probably pressure wash the deck each year and the siding every few years. It’ll be used to especially grimy car days as well. Probably its next big project will be when we repaint the old shed that came with the house (from the icky color gray it is now, to taupe and maroon to match the other shed and what we’d eventually like for the house). We’ll use the pressure washer to clean off the old paint and get a nice clean surface for the new paint. Many projects to come!

Disclaimer: I received this item from Troy-Bilt to review, good or bad. I receive nothing in return for posting a good review versus a bad one – these opinions are my own and are an honest review of the product mentioned above. I read reviews extensively before purchasing almost anything, so I’m happy to review things so others can do the same. Let me know if you find this review helpful!

Additional note: Allergies have been KICKING MY ASS all day long. Leaky faucet nose all day. It’s one of those days where you just say “eff it” and do this:

I HIGHLY, highly recommend any tissue with menthol in it. Whenever I find them in the store I buy a bunch of boxes because it’s hard to find. It’s never good news when I have to break it out. It has finally calmed down a bit though (gah as soon as I typed that I sneezed, though), and I am drinking my second cup of pineapple mint and (an eensy bit of) stevia tea from the garden. Very nice! (And I keep on not doing the Herbal Almanac thing. I’ll feel motivated to do it eventually).