Here they are! We’ll have to compare this to how they look as they fill out. I tried something new this year: I always line the bottoms of my pots with some old landscaping fabric to help keep soil and moisture in. This year I also lined the terra cotta pots (since they dry out faster) with an old plastic bag with holes cut in the bottom. I tucked down the sides so it’s hidden. Hopefully it’ll help retain moisture. We’ll see! I am also trying to be more like my mom (I always like her pots) and just toss some stuff in there. Lots of different kinds. We shall see.

I have 2 of these hanging baskets in the front. I totally didn’t match the sweet potato vine to the euonymus underneath (that is finally starting to look like an actual shrub) – but let’s just say that I did, because it worked out pretty darned well.


thrill: red geranium, spill: potato vine, fill: alyssum

I got this very large terra cotta pot on sale for SEVEN DOLLARS (!!) at the end of last year because it has a chip in it. It’s on my front stoop. I might get some sort of tall grass for more “thrill” since it is such a tall pot, but I think it will be nice as-is, too.

front stoop

thrill: red geraniums and daisies and marigolds, spill: bakopa, fill: derby

On the corners of my raised beds are nice little spots for small pots. While most are edibles herbs, strawberries, etc), 2 of them are flowers.

raised pot 1

daisies and derby

daisies and alyssum

Here’s the lime tree I ordered from Springhill Nursery (they forgot to send the pot and soil at first, but they resent it and I got it last week) and the hibiscus I overwintered this year (which hopefully will start filling out again – it IS making new leaves, so I think it’s OK. I also gave it a bigger pot.). They don’t live here for good, but I’d just potted them up and snapped a pic. I had some random stones from the Dollar Tree, so I decide to toss those in the pots as mulch. (Also, in the background, please note my ingenious use of an old shoe storage thing to store gardening tools. Works GREAT. Plus the windows we saved to make a cold frame for 2 beds this winter.

lime, hibiscus

Lime and Hibsbus

And here are a bunch more random pots. In the yellow pot is a red strawflower. I love that plant because the blooms last forever and can be dried. The pansies are still doing OK on the bottom, some hens and chicks, catnip and lemon balm, and the bonsai azalea hubby got me for my bday a few years ago. And a strawberry pot ($9 from The Christmas Tree Store – an amazing deal! And thankfully, no xmas trees at the store) that I dumped a whole crapload of different kinds of basil seeds in.



This one is in the triangle garden.


thrill: daisies, spill: diamond frost, fill: marigolds

And a simple pot of red geraniums…ok PELAGORIUMS (which later, I added some rocks to). My mom has ALWAYS had red geraniums on the deck as long as I can remember, so it’s a requirement. In fact, I once won the SMECO (local electric co-op where my dad worked) photo contest. My parents entered a pic of me as a naked baby looking at a geranium. Let’s not share that on the internets. 🙂


Red Geraniums

I seem to be missing a pic of a pot on a stand over by the rain barrel. Dusty miller (some of what overwintered), marigolds, diamond frost, and a geranium in that one, I think.

I’ll add a few more I’m sure, but that should be most of the pots for the summer. What do you think?