I really love the idea of an Ups-a-Daisy – less soil, more blooms. Great, of course! And I know a lot of garden bloggers are big fans. But I knew there had to be an easy way to do something similar on my own for cheaper. I mean basically, you insert a disc that doesn’t go all the way down in a pot so you don’t have to fill it as far with dirt.

Then I remembered the big stack of saucers I have that came with various cheap plastic planters. Perfect! I have them in a variety of sizes, so I had to experiment a bit. But I used this getup in 2 pots. I found one that went about halfway to 3/4 of the way down, then drilled a bunch of drainage holes in it. I put landscaping fabric in the bottom (always use that to keep dirt from falling out of the drainage holes of pots), then filled with dirt and flowers. Voila! Super easy and free since I used stuff I already had.

upsadaisy knockoff

I used it on this super-big terra cotta pot that I got at a discount last year because it’s chipped. The pic is deceiving – the pot is probably a foot and a half tall or so, so that saved me a LOT of dirt! I also used it on a couple smaller, but still big, pots. So we’ll see how it works out, I guess! Let me know if you give this a try. Don’t see why it wouldn’t work if the Ups-a-Daisies do!

BIG flowerpot

Herb AlmanacMAY 8: This is the day for the Floral Dance and Robin Hood May Games. Morris Dancing is often done on this day. These were men who danced the Maid Marian dance with a hobby horse, twenty scarves, and a Fool of May. The origins of the Morris dances are Spanish and the name comes from “Moorish.” Maid Marian or the Queen of May was sometimes also called Malykn or May Marian and she always carried a nosegay of flowers and sweet herbs. She wore a golden crown, and red gilliflowers (carnations) were her emblem of summer.