Thanks to my hubby building them and my mom helping me fill them with topsoil and compost, I now have 4 gorgeous raised beds. We even had plenty of dirt left over for hubby to fix some spots that needed grass seed from delivering the shed and running electric to it. Planted in the raised beds so far:
-spinach (doesn’t seem to be doing much)
-carrots (beside the bed in a pot, actually)
-wando and little wonder peas (growing on trellises and 2 upside-down tomato cages with the points turned under)
-brussels sprouts
-dragon tongue, maxibel bush, and gold rush bush beans that have been outside for a few weeks anyway (they were too big for the indoor grow lights – I hope I haven’t planted them too close together)

The broccoli and brussels I winter sowed back in late Feb/early March when I started my seeds. They are both cool season crops so I figured they’d be good for winter sowing. It seemed to work well, so I plan on doing more of that next year. I have them all planted out now, but still covered in cloches made from the jugs they were in (for now).

Incidentally, has anyone ever tried getting the big dollar store glass vases and such to use as cloches? Actual cloches are SO expensive and milk jug ones are not that attractive in a front yard garden – just considering possibilities.

Today (Sunday), along with some painting (we got new windows! so we’re touching up trim and some other paint in the house), I hope to get the soaker hoses buried. I obviously should have done that BEFORE planting stuff, but…I didn’t. Oops.

PROBLEM: So there are a ton of little seedlings growing in the raised bed dirt. Argh. I assume they’re probably evil, so I am pulling them out. A few of my marigold seeds from last year have pulled through in the old garden which is fine (plus maybe a few tomatoes – we used the dirt we bought to top off that bed, too), but this is not that. Any ideas?

mystery seedling 1

mystery seedling 2