The raised beds are ready, but still waiting for the 50/50 topsoil compost mix (hopefully it is being delivered as you read this, as long as the rain has held off). When marking things out for the raised beds, hubby bought some packs of those cheap stakes. Now that he’s done with them, I decided to use the for a *PROJECT!* while the seedlings were out for some sun last weekend.

Last year I used one of those omnipresent “40% Off One Regular Price Item” coupons from Michael’s Arts & Crafts to get a woodburning/leather etching/etc tool (just like this one, I think) for about $10. I hadn’t really used it for anything, but I broke it out and made some (I think) super cute garden markers.

stake markers

It’s kind of hard to write with the thing (I did a light trace, then went back and burnt in better), which I don’t think was helped by the fact that the cheap wood was very uneven (it’s harder to burn in without it being spotty) so the lettering looks a little special. But I’m happy with how they turned out. Of course because I’m crazy like that, I’ll still have to have smaller markers that note exactly what *kind* of tomato, cucumber, or whatever each plant is, but these will mark off the general area for a kind of plant, and I think they’re cute. What do you think?

garden markers