Quick post…I wanted to get some cake tins to use under my seed starting pots on the seed shelf, so I headed down to my local dollar store (a Dollar Tree) today after work. Well I found the cake pans, plus a whoooole bunch of other great stuff! And this is a REAL dollar store, where everything really IS one dollar!

dollar tree

• 2 small ceramic pots (very cute – going to get another set of these for my mom)
• 2 x-small ceramic pots
• 10-pack of 3″ starter pots
• 4-pack of 4″ fancy starter pots
• 2 3-packs of 7″ starter pots (good for when transplants get bigger)
• 2 10.25″ pots with saucers
• 14 cake pans (for under starter pots on shelf – they come in 2-packs)
• 7 tubes of craft sand (should be safe for food) for in pans to absorb/hold water
• 1 bag of rocks (to experiment with water control, too)
• 1 roll of twine
• 1 pack of zip-ties
• 1 bag of spanish moss (to use some of whenever I repot the old orchid)
• 1 very pretty garden hangy decoration thing (in the cellophane bag)
• 2 rectangular planters

All that for, if I counted right – $31! Imagine getting that somewhere else. At least twice the cost, probably. The 10.25″ and 7″ pots will be used for giveaways – I was planning on making a pot of herbs or flowers for a couple friends, and these will be a great home for them. They actually look pretty nice if you use some antiquing gel (or brown paint) on them with a dry brush – I’ve done that on some other cheap planters and they look more expensive and have held up well. The fancy smaller pots (the white ones) will also be a nice home for some herbs to give someone as a gift. All of these came in the standard colors, so I picked from black, tan, green, white.

They have the fancy planters in a couple other sizes as well, and lots more different pretty ceramic pots. As I said, I am going tomorrow or Saturday to get some more of those for my mom, who really liked mine and has a pair of miniature roses that she needs a pot that size for (hopefully they have more in the color I got, or I may be forced to share 🙂 ). They also have some cute small garden shepherd’s hooks (I had one in my cart but put it back because I have a few small ones already) and lots of windchimes.

And look – my small peat pots fit in 8’s perfectly on the cake tins!
dollar store tins

So if you have a local Dollar Tree, now’s the time to check it out! It looks like they JUST got all the stuff in, so it’s perfect timing. I’d also check out the Dollar King if you have one – that one is farther away for me so I don’t go very often, but they also have a gardening department and probably also have similar stuff.

Let me know if you score any cool finds!