I was in Michaels over the weekend picking up a picture frame and some random stuff, when I realized that if I stuck around for a bit longer, I’d get to use a coupon for 25% off all items that started at 4PM. That worked out better than my 40% off one regular price item coupon, since the only regular price item I had was like under $5. So I browsed around a bit longer and ended up over at the jewelry section, where I found a bunch of adorable silver-plated charms. They were only $1.99, so I figured I’d get one. Well, I ended up with three – a watering can, a rake and shovel, and a flower in a pot.

I thought it’d be cute to wear them together but didn’t want them just on a chain, so I picked up a packet of large split jump rings and also a packet of smaller mixed-size (non-split) jump rings (I needed those anyway for a few charms). I kind of love the results. I added it to one of many silver chains I already have and wore it today (I showed it off on twitter this AM). Not too shabby for about $10 worth of materials, half of which can be used for many, many other necklaces and charms, too!

Here’s how it turned out (close-up and far away for size reference, or check the twitpic linked above for medium-range):

gardening necklace - closeup
garden necklace - view

I’d love to get into jewelry-making more. I love doing stuff like that and come up with (I think) good ideas a lot, but I just don’t really have space to keep stuff or work on it, so I’m reluctant to buy tools. I guess at least I can do that at any time though, unlike all my mosaic stuff which is really a warm-weather activity only. Any readers do any jewelry-making?