Herb AlmanacJANUARY 2: It is traditional to burn twigs of sweet-smelling marjoram as kindling in January.

JANUARY 3: Highlanders burn juniper this time of year. This holiday celebration has much in common with the ancient Roman Saturnalia, the festival of Janus, the two-faced god.

I don’t have any marjoram proper, but I do have plenty of dried oregano. And I didn’t pull up all of the oregano outside (it’s perennial)—some of it actually looks fine still, despite over a foot of snow and several hard frosts. I have lots of blue rug juniper planted on a hill – perhaps I’ll burn some next time we use the outdoor fireplace.

When I was emptying the last of the flower pots out for the winter, I just couldn’t let myself toss a totally fine looking geranium and parsley. So I potted them up in small pots and they’re living on top of the fridge with a fluorescent desk lamp on when I remember to plug it in (the same lamp I use to start seeds). I am happy to report that the parsley is getting new sprouts happily and the geranium (AKA pelagorium) has bloomed! I’m hoping it sticks around until Bloom Day, but even if it doesn’t then darnit I’m probably going to count it and post more pics anyway. I’m proud! I’m also overwintering the hibiscus, which I’ve mentioned before. I have limited space for overwintering (no basement or anything), so 3 or 4 is pretty much my limit. All of them look healthy so far, though!

winter perlagorium

Are you overwintering anything new this year?