My hubby has to work tonight (sadface), so I’m writing this quick post as he gets ready for work. Most of our xmases are done – we just have to figure out when we’re going to do xmas with hubby’s parents.

We decided to stay small for xmas this year. We’re going to take a weekend trip somewhere in lieu of big gifts. I got hubby a “player” Tiger Woods tee he wanted (ha), a nice display case for his signed Cal Ripken bat and ball, The Hangover to play on our new Blu-Ray, and a University of Maryland decal for his truck that’s the same as his UMD tattoo. He got me a garden cart (since the small shed is *garden only* now and I have room for such luxuries!), a sterling key necklace that looks like one of the fancy Tiffany ones, a sterling and jade turtle necklace (we are both Terps!), and a nice pair of the red Ethel gloves I wanted (yay Amazon wish list!).

This was taken last Sunday, but it is still a white xmas! Enough snow still that the ground is totally covered.

Family photo 2009

If we did Christmas cards, this would totally be the winner for next year.

my Mom Moms xmas ornaments. Also a rescue xmas cactus my mom got me from Lowes.

I got a garden cart!

Why don’t wordpress captions like apostrophes?? Anyway – I hope everyone had a great day today, Christmas or no!