Well, this Bloom Day post won’t win any photography contests. We’ve had hard frost, rain, then 50° days. Crazy weather. And today I was taking these pics in the cold and mostly in the dark, so they’re either dark looking (bc I used the flash) or blurry (bc I didn’t use the flash but it was too dark so the exposure took forEVer). Oh well.

I’ll post all the bloomers in a gallery, but basically I’ve got the “annual” dianthus in strawberry daquiri and scarlet still looking OK. The carnation dianthus are no longer blooming, but I love the foliage on them because it’s basically evergreen, so it gives my “triangle garden” something in the winter. The lovely nasturtium is gone, now just a big viney thing of frost-droopy leaves. The gaillardia is still trying to bloom, and I hope the small plants that have grown from seeds I strategically left in the garden all year make it to next year – more gaillardia would be great. The helenium still has blooms, but they’re just leftovers and I think it’s done from the frosts. The hollies that came with the house and that I wish I had transplanted to beside the steps are laden with holly berries, one of my favorite wintertime things.

The pansies and violets are of course still going strong, and hopefully they’ll continue to give me some color till springtime. I like my hanging baskets of violets in the front of the house but I think next year I’ll pick a solid bright color instead of a gorgeous yellow/blue/purple medley that looks lovely up close but gets lost from the road. I actually thought of that when buying them, but I liked them SO much I ignored my common sense. Oh well!