I’m actually kind of glad I left work a bit late because of a meeting with my boss. As I was pulling out of the parking lot, I saw a rainbow. When I looked harder, I saw another! Thankfully, I had randomly thrown my camera in my purse this morning. Luck!

I stopped and snapped a few in the business park, and then as I was leaving I noticed a few cars pulled over by the cornfields outside the park looking and taking pictures, so I pulled over as well. I kind of love that after a busy Thursday at work, there were still people who pulled over together by a cornfield to look at a rainbow. Makes me a little verklempt, actually (and believe me, I hate myself for that). Even those that didn’t stop got a gorgeous show. Unfortunately I was driving away from it to go home, but it was still gorgeous.

I can’t decide in the pics below if I like the “enhanced” or the non-enhanced ones better. I should prob do some actual Photoshoppery to enhance them better (I just used the auto thingy in iPhoto), and the enhanced is prob more close to how I saw them, but they’re both so different (the bluer ones are the enhanced versions). What do you think?


in the business park






Total karma on the road line lining up with the end of the rainbow. I win!


This guy had a great view (taken while driving over the bridge)