Sooooo I still have some stuff to do before it gets too cold. It may or may not happen next weekend (Halloween), but maybe I’ll feel ambitious after work this week.

  • Plant the rest of my coneflowers. I had been waiting for the new garden we’re planning on, but that may or may not happen before it gets too cold. So I just need to find them a home. I already waited too long on 2 hostas, so hopefully they make it through the winter and come back in the spring.
  • Pull up the gazanias in the front by the steps and replace them with the rest of the pansies I bought today. I actually planned out my pansies better this year and it looks nice. Pics TK.
  • Pull up the rest of the stuff in the veggie garden (including the zinnias pictured in this post) and harvest the rest of the jalapeños.
  • Get seeds from the pink gerber daisy if I can before trashing it. Two gerber daisies, the gazanias, and a few petunias are the only annuals left aside from the veggie garden.
  • Plant bulbs! Crap. I keep forgetting. I actually had to come back and edit this (future)post when I remembered! I have 15 Apeldoorn’s Elite tulips, 15 Daydream tulips (my tulips didn’t do great this spring, so I wanted to replace them/freshen them up), 20 pickwick crocus (I like mine but don’t have very many, and I may have lost some when I planted other things nearby), and 15 Meleagris Mixed Fritallaria (I saw them and they looked neat). No daffodils because they were still OK last year and I have enough. I kind of don’t know where to plant them – probably most will go in the triangle garden, maybe a few in the front. It’s hard because I want to be able to plant them and leave them, but not have an empty ugly spot after they’re done. hmm.

I think that’s about it. Today I dumped some more annuals that were just done, did a few pots of pansies and violas, and potted up the bonsai azalea for the winter.

Screen shot 2009-10-25 at 7.28.03 PMHopefully, we’ll be finally moving our shed to our house, too – which is more exciting than you know! It’s still at my in-laws’ – we bought it when we were living there because storage costs were crazy and the in-laws suggested we just get a shed and keep it there instead. Our house already had a shed (a small crappy one), so we’ve procrastinated on bringing it over. But we really need to now, so I think it’s finally coming. Which means I can organize my gardening stuff *much* better in the old crappy shed now – the new nice one that’s being moved will be for actual storage (we don’t really have any storage inside the house). Yay!

Screen shot 2009-10-25 at 7.28.12 PM