Don’t worry, I won it from the wonderful @indygardener at May Dreams Gardens! I’m hopefully outside enjoying a day off today for Labor Day, so I’m future posting this from the past. First, please enjoy the photo in the paragraph below of me looking like a big dork with my new CobraHead. I was excited! Feel free to click to see the dorkiness in full-size. And the camera only fell off the grill it was propped on for a self-photo like 3 times.

me-cobraheadI really like the CobraHead Weeder and Cultivator! It’s advertised as a “steel fingernail” (in other words, this is not a pry bar, dummy). It can do a ton of stuff – weed, help plan small plugs or transplants, cultivate soil (ie stab at it with this thing to mix it up when it’s too hard or compacted), etc. I’ll probably use it for all of that, but I already tried it for weeding. Works like a charm! First of all, I will say that it had rained the day before I did this little video, so you do have to work a tad bit harder when it’s dry outside. But still – this is great! Usually every day when I wander outside to check the veggies and deadhead, I end up pulling a ton of weed grass from our gravel driveway. Inevitably, dirt gets all up in my fingernails and it’s gross. I definitely won’t grab this each day before my wanderings, but on the days I DO, it’ll both keep my hands cleaner and make the job easier. Win-win!

Here’s what I was doing for part of the rest of the day…

Also, check out this little guy I came across! Apparently he was living in the grill cover. Hubby hadn’t put it back on the grill in a few weeks, so it was balled up and sitting in a chair on the deck. I guess it had a lot of water in it from heavy recent rains, so he made himself at home! He flopped out when I shook out the cover to put it back on the grill, and after composing himself for a few minutes on the deck, hopped off to find a new home. Sorry, dude!
frog 2
frog 1