It’s working on shutting down for the winter, so let’s consider this a partial “season in review.” My BFF is here from Hawaii this week so she came to check out “the famous garden” the other day. It’s pretty damn lackluster right now, though! Oh well.

The “side garden.” The peppers are making peppers like crazy right now since it’s been a little cooler. The tomatoes have slowed down a bit, but the heirloom tomatoes are finally catching up, so I’ve gotten a lot from them. Can’t wait to pluck off the black russian tomato that’s on one plant (in the “pot row”) – it should be ready tomorrow. The frigging zinnia planted in the ground is going insane! Part of it broke off in heavy rain, but it’s still blooming, so I’m leaving it. Once the rest of the blooms get going, I’ll prob cut that piece all up for a nice arrangement (they last forever inside). Next year I know to STAKE any zinnias planted in the ground!

I had some end blossom rot this year (really only on my romas), but that’s pretty much the only veggie garden problem. Can’t complain about that! Not sure if it helped fend off disease, but I did make a habit of pouring my spoiled milk in the soil around the tomatoes, since I heard it can help that.

end blossom rot

end blossom rot

weirdcherrybrandyI’ve noticed that my cherry brandy rudbeckia are doing a weird thing. They had kind of stopped blooming and died back a bit during a dry period. Now they’re blooming again and have small leaves—but the blooms a teeeeensy tiny and right on the main stem. It’s kind of odd. I also need to decide when to chop down the sunshine helenium (see how oooogly the front is rt now?). Seems they’re done blooming (can I get another thrush if I cut them down??). Still can’t decide if I’m going to move them (now or in the spring?) or just cut them back mid-way next spring so they don’t get so damn tall. Anyone have an opinion on the matter?

potatovineIn what WAS for a short time “the herb garden,” the sweet potato vine I planted in the ground is going frigging insane! It’s growing all under the deck and vining up the steps. And I’ve cut it back multiple times! Clearly it’s happy. This is an annual here, so I’m def going to keep it in mind for doing this same ground-cover deal in other places next year. This garden turned into kind of a clusterfark, but it’s rather pretty. The zinnias were WAY taller than expected, the vine vined WAY more than expected, the nasturtium and sweet peas grew every-which way except UP, and the diamond frost got a lot bigger than I planned. The only perennial in this garden is a balloon flower (not in bloom in this pic) that is low to the ground (are they always, or is it just bc I got this one from a greenhouse late in the season?), so I’ll have to plan a bit better for next year with that in mind.

What’s the end of summer/fall doing to your garden?