Here’s what I got accomplished from my list today:

  • cut dead blooms off of heucheras [oops forgot – tomorrow]
  • pull dead foliage off of daylilies
  • pull dead bloom sticks off of daylilies and harvest seeds
  • cut back cosmos and save some more seeds to share with others
  • trim evergreens in pots so that some of the trunk is showing – this will hopefully allow them to get water better, since they’re drying out
  • have hubby help plant the last of the perennials I got on sale – heuchera, echinacea, aster, rudbeckia, hosta
  • also plant the chamomile I started from seed not too long ago so it can bloom and go to seed this year and spread next year – somewhere in the side garden
  • clean car
  • watch hubby play vs local radio station in softball game
  • do Bloom Day post
  • do post on our Cash for Clunkers experience (we got a new truck!) [meh – will do tomorrow]

And now…the pics.