Agh – a super late bloom day! I have a few pics I took the other day. Today is my dad’s 63rd birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD! I actually got him a plant for his bday – he was coveting a blueberry bush at Lowe’s the other day when I went with my parents, but my mom didn’t get it. I went back and got it and a nice planter so it can stay in the sun. It even has one little blueberry on it! My mom got him a Wii, so I helped them get that set up and tested out. I think they’ll have fun with it 🙂

It would be awesome if we could get some rain so next month’s blooms survive! I have a lot of stuff I got on clearance that I had hoped to plant before this weekend (fam is coming over), but our ground is so rock hard that it just won’t happen. I’ll have to turn the soaker hose on the veggie garden again tomorrow since no rain has turned up this week. It said on the news that for the DC area the normal rain this time of year/month is something like 2.25 inches and this year we’ve had less than an inch. My house has seen NO rain at ALL since the beginning of July! It sucks. So pretty please, rain, come visit for a bit next week. I think I may pick up a few annuals tomorrow after work before getting the CSA food though – I’m not thrilled with a few of my containers and would like to spruce them up at least before the family comes to see the house. *sigh* Prob won’t be hearing from me till next week – this has been a crazy week. All of July is crazy actually – it’s birthdays followed by birthdays followed by birthdays!