Since it still shows up in my searches a lot, let me give you an update on my majesty palm. I’ll post a pic later if I remember, but imagine it just like it looks in the last pic’s post, but with half of each individual leaf cut off because it turned brown.

It got to looking like hell when it was inside. I watered it often and gave it as much sun as I could (admittedly not a lot), but it started to turn brown. Once it finally got warm enough, outside it went. It’s in a largeish terra cotta pot. Basically, it’s living, but not terribly attractive. I had to cut all the fronds way back to get rid of the brown. There is one set of leaves that is now (verrrrry slowly) opening (these leaves were there when I bought the plant, but have been closed up since then) – you can sort of see it right up the middle of the old pic), so that’ll be my only real full set of leaves on it.

In sort, I will now know to only buy it for the summer and treat it as an annual. You may have better luck if you have a nice warm sun room, and I do think it will continue to be fine outside over the summer, but it looks pretty sad from its sojourn inside (which was a month or so).

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Oh! And also, does anyone know anything about the BlogNet awards or how/by whom I may have been nominated? It showed up in my Google Alerts. I mean all the accolades the review showers on me are totally true of course (!), but I’m curious, confused, and flattered. Also uhhh I guess vote for me?