my new 20-volt trimmer (aka weed whacker)

my new 20-volt trimmer (aka weed whacker)

You may remember that a few weeks ago I was totally excited to have won a Troy-Bilt trimmer via twitter. It was made clear that I didn’t have to review it or anything, but I mean what the heck? I’m going to use it and it was free and the info might help others, so I’m reviewing it. Well, true to the word of @allisonpeltz, it came in the mail while I was away in Hawaii (my dad was on the lookout for it while on cat-feeding duty). It rained a lot while we were away, so the yard REALLY needed a cut and trim when we got back. I took off the day after we got back to readjust, and my hubby only had to be in court for a few hours that day (he’s a cop, so they scheduled all of his court cases for the first day they knew he’d be back!). So I did a lot of work in the garden and he cut the grass when he came back. I did the trimming pre-grass cutting. (Note: I took a picture with me holding the trimmer, but I looked awful, so you get the artful leaning trimmer image – the garden to the left is what used to be my herb garden. I stuck a hosta and a sweet potato vine in there for now. Most of the herbs found a home in various pots since it was too wet there (sadface).).

The trimmer, a Troy-Bilt TB57, says it charges in about 4 hours – we’d let it charge overnight, so I can’t say if that’s true or not. But I will say that it trimmed my entire yard without dying! We had a fair amount of trimming on our just-under-an-acre, so I was trimming for probably about 30 min or so. And when my husband got home later, he did some additional trimming and the battery power was still fine. I assume we’ll have to charge it before its next use, though.

The trimmer isn’t too heavy and was plenty powerful. Our normal trimmer is gas powered, so I thought this one (a 20 volt) might have less pickup, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I hardly ever use the gas one, because it’s just so darn complicated to get the thing started that my husband has to be home for me to use it anyway, so he just does it himself (we trim usually every other time we cut grass). This is great – now I can just go ahead and do some trimming if it needs to be done and my hubby is at work! Awesome for me.

Using the trimmer was a little uncomfortable for me, but I think I just need to figure things out. You have to push two buttons to get it to go, one trigger-like button and then a button on the side – a good safety feature. But I found it awkward to have to push both even though I kept moving my fingers around. I even tried both right and left hand (and the first thing my husband noticed when he came home was that I was “holding it retardedly”) and it just felt funny. I ended up with the battery part kind of under my armpit, so I don’t know. Maybe I’m not just an accomplished trimmer.

So anyway, I think this thing is great. Much easier to deal with than the gas powered one, and you don’t have to keep buying gas. This tool also can share a battery with some other tools, among them I think a hedge trimmer and a pole-chainsaw, so if the battery stays good for a while, then that’s some money saved right there (thought it is often hard to buy battery-powered tools without the battery unless you buy a whole set that shares a battery at once, which is annoying). We could never use a corded one in our yard (we’d need to use a really long cord to get to all the places that need trimming, so it would be impractical), so I really like the battery-powered trimmer as a solution.

I think @allisonpeltz is going to send me some other Troy-Bilt goodies as well that I can give away on the blog, so if I do end up getting those, stay tuned for a fun giveaway! Note that doing a review was not a condition of winning the trimmer (it really was just a contest, as stated in the beginning), but I’m a review whore myself when buying something, so I always review things I get when I can. And since I got it for free, it’s the least I can do! Also note that if you want to send me something for free, I will totally review it for you! (*wink wink*)

(Note: If this review helped you, leave me a comment and let me know! It would be much appreciated!)