ethel-mom Today is my mom’s birthday! So I finally gave her her Ethel Gloves. I was actually supposed to give them to her yesterday when hubby and I went there for her bday dinner, but in grabbing the food we made, I left her presents on the back deck. Oops! So now my mom will no longer have to wear surgical gloves so she doesn’t get dirt up her nails when gardening! She also enjoyed that there is a diamond shaped thingy on the ring finger. Awww. In addition to the Ethel Gloves, she is now the proud owner of a citrus scented geranium. She plants red geraniums every year, so when I saw the citrus one, I thought it might be a fun addition. I don’t think you can eat them, but it says you can use the leaves for potporii and stuff. I also got her a sign that, coincidentally, she had wanted to buy a few weeks ago but ended up putting back (which I didn’t know). So yay! All gifts are a success!

To continue my comments on the Ethel Gloves (past comments here), I will say that mine have held up very well. I haven’t washed them, but have rinsed them off with the hose after using them each time and they end up pretty clean. They are VERY sturdy and NO dirt ends up down the wrist, in the fingertips, or under your nails. I have fairly long nails and they have not poked through like they do on cheap gloves (and I don’t see that happening). My ONLY complaint is that the little grippy design on the fingertips is peeling off. It’s not a big deal and it probably had something to do with me using the gloves for mulching for approx 3 different days, so I’m not holding it against them. But if they grips were in a more practical than adorable design (and it IS adorable), maybe they’d hold on better? It’s the little swirly ends that tend to come up. I got no nasty blisters and my hands stayed dry and dirt/splinter free – that’s a win in my book over even the more expensive other gloves I’ve bought. I would 100% recommend these over having to buy 3 pairs of cheap ones over the course of a summer. I still keep a few pairs of the nicer cheap ones on hand for certain tasks, but these are for sure my go-to gloves from now on. Love them.

So, while speaking of my mom, I have someplants that she needs ID-ed. I’ll prob post these on GardenWeb too, if no one here can figure it out.

These are blooming right now (the yellow flower), and there are little patches of them all over the garden. She says that after they bloom, they turn into little puffballs like dandelions and that’s probably how they spread. The flowers are very small. Any ideas?

mystery yellow flower

mystery yellow flower

feetI will also have you know that today I did NOT garden in heels! I had to water the veggie garden and stuff, but I both rolled up my pants bottoms AND put on my “clean” gardening shoes (not the ones that get all nasty when I use them on the weekend for real gardening).

I’ll be posting pics of the “new garden” for Wordless Wednesday. There’s still a bit of work to be done to it (going to buy more plants at the Sotterley sale), but I think it has great possibilities! Liriope, 3 kinds of daylilies, dianthus, stonecrop, candytuft, creeping phlox, harlequin flower and raunuculus bulbs. Also plan on putting in some little groups of tulips and daffs, though I may wait for the fall for that. Pics Wednesday!