ethelpostSo one day over the weekend I happened to be scanning through my iphoto garden pics when @redwhiteandgrew suggested to @ethelgloves that they post some pics of garden bloggers’ gloves on their site (they are very good about reaching out to customers). Well, since I was looking at pics from that weekend that I took of my new gloves (planned for a post later), I posted a quick twitpic.

Well, I come home from picking up my triangle-shaped tomato trellises/cages from Lowe’s (in-store pickup) and lo and behold, I see that Ethel has featured my gloves on their web page! My very gloves! (Here!! – note, you’ll probably have to NEXT through until to get to me, as my page gets moved back when new gardeners are added!) How cool is that? I will now bask in the glory of my immense fame. I would like to thank Ethel’s tweeter, @ourlittleacre, and @redwhiteandgrew for this honor. And of course my mother and father. (Now send one in, @redwhiteandgrew, so you, too can bask and I don’t feel bad! 🙂 )

I was planning on posting a little review of the gloves (I’m a big reviewer of things since I read a ton of reviews before I buy something. Return the favor! I’m even a member of Amazon Vine, Amazon’s pre-release kind of reviewing service.). I’ll probably post that this weekend (NOTE – see post on 4/27 for review). (I’m very happy with the gloves.) But until then, I had to share the excitement!

Also, the heels story is true. It happened early last week. I was wearing super cute heels and when I got home from work it was nice. So I decided to plant some seedlings in the herb garden, fill up the watering cans from the rain barrel, and do a little weeding. Had I changed from heels into gardening shoes, my pants would have been too long and gotten dirty. So instead of changing both, I just left on the heels! This scenario is not unique to last week. I think it should be a new trend. No – probably not.

Oh, by the way, ummm – happy birthday, mom!

UPDATE: Ethel also added me to their blogroll! It’s a crazy circle of twittering about twitter and blogging about blogging about twittering. You know. Anyway, I’m honored guys, thanks! (Also, you can get a discount using this code – they also post other codes and goodies on the twitter from time to time, so check it out!)