(If I post it on the Internet I can’t neglect it, right?)

  • Plant freesia bulbs in a pot or two. Find a sunny place to put them.
  • Plant lettuce plants
  • Buy lettuce plants from local nursery. If I do OK with the plants this year, will also do some in fall and try some from seed next year.
  • Attach lettuce planter to deck. It should just slide on the rail, but the top of our deck rails is the wrong way, even for the adjustable planters. Annoying. So I’ll have to screw it in or something.
  • Contemplate ordering mulch, possibly check prices at local greenery (The Greenery, in fact, owned by a friend of the family). Remind hubby that we’ll be doing some mulching the following weekend.
  • Plant whatever perennials I buy with my B1G1 perennials coupon from other local nursery (I’ll prob by my lettuces when I use the coupon as well That’s where I went to browse the lettuces and things last week when I needed a fix). Probably also plant helenium from Springhill that’s been living in a pot (it is finally living outside, at least).
  • Find a place to put things that I take home after my mom makes me go through “some stuff from my room” at home on Friday PM. Agh – no space!
  • Go to cousin’s wedding on Saturday. Thankfully, it’s at the historic plantation house on my street! Convenient!
  • Do not pass go or collect $200 unless you get your butt up and go to yoga/the gym on Saturday AM. Also give yoga instructor this book from Amazon Vine (it was OK, but mostly only a yoga instructor or monk would appreciate it, and I don’t know any monks).
  • Repot some of the nasturtiums into peat pots, since they’re getting way too big to be inside!

What’s on your list? I’m antsy to get started with stuff outside, but there’s still a threat of frost around here. Meh.