Today was gorgeous. A bit cold at first, but topped out in the upper 60s. Perfect for getting some stuff done! I’d been leaving last year’s junk on the perennials to protect them for the few frosts we’ll still have – but now the perennials have nudged well over that protection anyway, so no reason to get rid of the ugly stuff.

I also decided on a final place for the composter (note – I just added “composter” to my Firefox dictionary. No more red squiggly lines! Firefox needs to get their gardening words in check!). Behind the shed and mostly out of view, but still gets mostly full sun and close enough to the house that I won’t procrastinate toooo much putting food scraps in. So here’s what I did today:

1. Decided on a spot for the composter.
2. Filled composter with a layer of sticks at the bottom per instructions, then leaves and nonsense, then dirt and some already mostly composted stuff from a pile of crap we I’d had behind the shed (leaves, old plants, old potting soil, etc) and one in the driveway (same stuff). Also some stuff (but not all, or uh, it would already be full. oops?) from the below chores.
3. Cut the old junk off the massive aster that I did not know last year needed to be pinched like a mum. Also pulled junk from other asters, mums, and gaura. Potted one little sucker with roots that I accidentally separated from the aster. We’ll see if it survives. I had an empty pot with dirt from deceased pansies, so I figured I’d give the bugger a chance.
4. Pulled off old foliage from daylilies. This amounts to a TON of old foliage omg.
5. Raked leaves from beds in places where they tend to get stuck in giant piles and sit all wet and gross. Some of these went in composter, some went in woods. Flower beds look MUCH happier now.
6. Moved potted tree saplings from side bed to edge of driveway/parking lot along bed. All kinds of nasty buggy things were living under there because they weren’t sitting on anything, just right in the mulch. Ick. Also sprayed to death what looked like termite larvae (thankfully not in the bed near the house) from under one. Note – need to do grub/crabgrass treatment next weekend!!
7. Put plants on new plant stand on deck (yay – more space for plants and yet still looks neater!).
8. Contemplated doing this. If so, where, and what could I do to the sides to make it prettier? Mortar/mosaic on some rustic stones? Yes, I know I can also do a reg raised bed with wood, esp since we just bought a circular saw. But for some reason I’m in love with the little extra compartments, and the fact I wouldn’t need hubby’s help if I want to do it during a weekend he’s working. we have a couple flat, sunny yard spots that are mostly weeds and not grass and are fairly out of view.

You may notice that there are no pics. I thought several times I should go get my cam, but never did. I was workin, man! Also, you will note that this fulfills my pledge from my last post that there would be no seedling pics. (I will give you a seedling update though. I took them out for a few hours in the late afternoon sun and breeze. I’m certain they loved it. They’re now safely back on top of the fridge. And the nasturtiums are already working on second leaf sets!)