So I was trying to figure out when the last frost date is in Maryland. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m going to be in Hawaii in early May visiting my BFF (jealous??????), so I want to make sure I can get all these dang seeds I’m starting in the ground and do what I need to do before the trip. So I google “last frost Maryaland” and there’s a gardenweb thread at the top (I ❤ gardenweb!). And in that thread is the bestest thing ever – a PDF from my alma mater listing all the info you could ever want about planting dates in Maryland for all kinds of veggies! Even for non-Marylanders, there’s great info in there: how deep to plant them, distances between plants, distances between rows – more info than I will ever use accurately. But it also confirms that I can do my planting right before we go and be ok. My mom has said she’ll look after them while we’re gone. Works out well, because there are some plant sales in the weeks before we go, so I’ll probably get most of my annuals planted as well. Oh how I would love to grow all the veggies on that list. One can dream. Eventually I will prob have to make the veggie garden bigger. I do have room, after all.

Just had to share that. Definitely check it out. At the moment I’m still impatiently waiting for seedlings to start. I keep looking like every few hours when I’m home, but nothing yet. A watched pot is to a watched plant as a….

Also – it’s like in the 40s and 50s here – the daylilies are poking up. Is it safe to leave my potted up helenium outside now? Do I have to worry about bringing it in or covering it up? Cuz if it wasn’t new, it would prob be poking its head up now. It’s supposed to be above 50 tomorrow, so that and the palm will be enjoying a day in the great outdoors.