I follow @heyitsfree on twitter, but they also have an email newsletter, if you’re interested. I’ve gotten quite a few freebies from them, and this one is of interest to us gardening peeps. Free tomato seeds from a Campbell’s “grow your own soup” campaign! As I’m trying the whole seed thing this year, I totally requested some. Looks like heyitsfree had a link for a lettuce giveaway recently too, but those are all out and I missed it. Oh well – free tomato seeds are fine with me! I have limited veggie garden space at the moment anyway, so not sure where I would put lettuce. I do want to try it though.

I’ll have to post some better pics (this one was a quick macbook pic I posted to twitpic) once I get things started this weekend, but here’s my seed-starting setup:

seed setup

seed setup

It’s on top of the fridge! All of the plants in the house have to be in cat-safe areas, and the top of the fridge is often a winner for random plants (including the Helenium that was delivered in a snowstorm from Springhill, which is what’s in that big brown pot). There is also some natural light from the roughly SW-facing kitchen window to the left of the fridge. I bought a desk lamp and have one 11-watt fluorescent bulb in there. Everyone recommends the ‘shop lights,’ but I don’t really have room for that, and I think this should do the trick. (My husband is skeptical. I asked when he became the garden expert.) I can adjust the height easily too, so that’s nice. I’ll leave it on when I’m home in the PM, or as long as I can each day. Once I can find one, I also plan on buying one of those tiny desk fans people have in their office to blow on the seedlings for a while each day and help them grow up to be strong little plants.

After sharing the pics on twitter, it looks like @bramblingberry might try this, too. Possibly we can compare results. If you try a similar setup, let me know how it turns out! I plan on actually planting the seeds this weekend. Do I plant a couple seeds in each cell in the starter kit and then thin them out/spread them out? hmm.

I’m also going to the book sale this weekend that the local library system puts on. They take donated books all year, then sell them for crazy cheap at the fairgrounds one weekend. I think its like $1 paperbacks and $2 hardcover. I got a ton last year, so I’m excited! Very ready for the weekend, too. I’m annoyed with work lately for various reasons, and feeling like of blah about it. Had kind of a bad day today also. So need a fun dorky weekend of books and plants. Had planned to try and put together the composter this weekend, but it’s supposed to be cold and rainy (mother nature knows when there is an event at the fairgrounds and instinctively rains, I think). So hopefully that will come one weekend soon. 3 weeks ago it was 75°, 2 weeks ago it was 14° with a foot of snow, last Sunday it was 75° again, and today it sleeted and snowed. Sigh. Southern Maryland weather is crazy like that. Perhaps I should buy this little gadget so my plants can talk to me. I’m sure they want it to be springtime, too! I am not alone.