First Spring Flower! Crocus!

First Spring Flower!

Ok – so 2 posts today not exactly on purpose. I wrote the “weeds are pretty” post over the weekend, but didn’t want 2 long posts in one day, so I set it to post on 3/10. I checked today and it had some weird message like “schedule missed” (uhh ok?), so then I copied/pasted into a new post and posted that, at which time I noticed the old post had appeared as well. Anyway – problem solved. But I still want to post “actually today” so here I am.

Bulb from 1/10/09 post pic

Bulb from 1/10/09 post pic - almost ready to bloom!

Went to a viewing this PM for a friend of the family. He’s a longtime buddy of my dad’s and was actually my mom’s boss for a few years (she’s a school secretary and he was her principal). I’m ld friends with one of his daughters, too. His wife also works in the school system and was a coworker of my mom’s when my mom worked at a different school (before he was her principal. (Are you following along? I’m not going to draw a chart.) We went to the school our moms worked at, so we (and other teacher daughters) would hang out together after school. She was a year behind me and my BFF, so we did pick on her a little, but it was all in good fun and I wish we’d stayed in contact better through the years (though I know everything about her between Facebook and school gossip!). I hate hate hate having to do that. I swear I feel sometimes like I should be a special guest at that funeral home! But eh. What can you do. It really makes me appreciate the time I have with my parents though. Because you really do never know. It’s a very scary thought. (Love you, mom and dad.)

Sunshine Helenium

Sunshine Helenium

And on to less depressing things, I realized I never bitched about the fact that Springhill Nursery already sent our order! lolwut? We actually got the stuff when it looked like this outside. Awesome! Let me just stick em in the ground right now! uhhhhno. So my mom called and I sent an email complaining. Our complaints are now on record, so if they croak due to being sent out waaaay early, they’ll replace or refund. Also kind of annoyed because for some reason, when I tried to order the “add another plant for 1¢” deal, apparently it didn’t go thru. Bummer. The cust service person gave me a confusing answer about still being able to order the 1¢ one, but I wasn’t sure about shipping and whatev. Basically they said “lolwut” like we did (definition here for those not familiar with the memes of the tubes of internet), and said “well, we send them out according to your grow schedule!” uhhno. Even when there isn’t a freak 1-ft snowstorm, temps are generally in the low 40s-mid 50s rt now. Not planting season yet for at least another month!

So hopefully the plants hang on. Luckily, most of my mom’s were bulb or bareroot, so those should be OK. My sunshine heleniums however, are now being dutifully covered with a bigger pot during threat of frost, or being brought inside altogether at night when its under 40° (then covered with a pot for cat-proof protection). Sigh. The Bluestone order isn’t due till April/May, so those should be alright.


Also, when I was out with my parents on Sunday helping them get their mind off things and look for a new washing machine, I picked up a palm from the Lowe’s “rescue plant” cart. They had a bunch – this one was literally falling out of its pot, but looked good and was only $3. I had eyed it and left it there they day before, but my mom is a bad influence so I bought it (and my mom bought a rescue gardenia). I have no idea what kind of palm it is. I’m hoping it’s a kentia, deemed a good houseplant/all around plant, and not a majesty palm, which I hear is impossible to keep alive indoors. Any palm experts around? I plan to keep the plant outside for the summer and bring it in for the winter (it’s currently in-and-out with the heleniums till warmer weather). I guess even if it is the “bad” one, it’ll just be a super-fancy annual since I only paid $3 for it anyway. More pics of the mystery palm are below. Any ideas??