In walking around the garden over the weekend, I noticed the dreaded chickweed coming out for spring. This weed really isn’t that horribly ugly, it’s just SO pervasive and viney that it’s everywhere until the days get hot enough to kill it off. But I also noticed some pretty weeds.

Baby Blue Eyes

Baby Blue Eyes

^ I was browsing through tweets not yet read the other day, after having taken some pics of pretty weeds that day in my yard, and came across this blog post by @ZanthanGardens. (See a list of garden tweeters here!)How perfect! I see these little guys every year, and its a weed I don’t pull up because it’s just too pretty. Now I’m thinking I might actually pull it up and stick it in one of my pots with tulip bulbs or something. It’ll die off when it gets too hot, but until then I can enjoy it more “officially.” I also seem to have two kinds of these. One with greener leaves as pictured here, and one with more purple leaves and smaller flowers, as you can see in the ‘purple weed’ pics below.Either way, it’s a very pretty weed!

funny weed

funny circle spreading weed

^ This one is all over the place. While the others listed here grow mostly among grass, this one loves to grow IN the garden. Seems to like moist areas especially. It has this tiny white flower in the spring, and in the summertime the leaves turn more of a burgundy and it continues to spread into a large (can get VERY large) circle. Not entirely unattractive, and they’re easy to pull out, so I don’t hate them that much.

pretty weed

pretty purple weed

^ I’ve ID’d this one before, but I can’t remember the name. Is it a type of ajuga? I remember being amazed when I was looking up groundcovers on GardenWeb that some people actually purchase this stuff! It’s not as bad as chickweed, but is a pretty darn pervasive weed here. It redeems itself with pretty purpleish leaves and purple flowers, though, and it also dies out when it gets too hot. (A reminder ID on this one would be helpful!)

weeds in harmony

weeds in harmony

^ Though these are mostly weeds, its hard to say its not pretty. And I will readily make the excuse that people PAY for these plants in some areas! I think they’re pretty. And when it gets hotter, these will die back for another year and fill in with grass. The summer weeds are much more annoying anyway – crabgrass has no redeeming qualities!