I’m now listed on gardening.alltop.com! I am, today, the veeeery last blog at the bottom. I’m honored to be found worthy. Alltop is kind of like a feed reader, except instead of you picking the feeds/blogs, they do. It’s a great way to keep up with a bunch of blogs without actually having to do the research to find a bunch of blogs on a specific topic that you like. The blog I take care of at work is listed at education.alltop.com.

They’ve got a site for almost everything: browse the topics if you’d like. Supposedly, a customizable version will be coming out soon. I’m definitely looking forward to that, since there are quite a few blogs on the couple of alltop sites I frequent that don’t interest me or aren’t updated often enough (they used to have a feature where you could hide feeds you didn’t want, but they disabled it in anticipation of the new thing). Check it out if you haven’t yet, though!

In addition to the brand spanking new blog badge on the left, I’ll add this one because I so totally feel I deserve it:
Alltop, confirmation that I kick ass